Quitting weed - uphill battle

Hello, just wondering if anyone has had the same degree of difficulty as me when it comes down to quitting weed? There’s no 2 ways about it, I need to quit, but without it I get severely depressed, stop eating, can’t sleep and a general troll to be around. In the past I have relapsed into psychosis roughly 5 weeks after quitting. After discharging from hospital I am able to stay off weed for a few weeks but go back to it to try and eek out some pleasure in life… only to become fully dependant again.

I quit skunk at the new year and started bush weed which is a much milder high, I enjoy it but I’ve lost my driving license by admitting I have dependance issues with the stuff. Besides that, I was doing well before I got hooked on skunk, could work etc. I can’t mix work with weed.

Currently depressed, trying to quit again so that I can try and work again. Been a few days now, will the depression lift? My hope is that quitting bush weed will be easier than skunk and I won’t relapse into psychosis. This is a huge worry for me as I have been ‘well’ for 5 years now and don’t want to blow it.

Tried Vaping cbd but that didn’t help as a substitute for weed. Not sure cbd did anything for me, perhaps the dose was too low. Besides, I can’t afford CBD OR weed for that matter.

It’s a double edged sword, weed gives me moments of inspiration and keeps me reasonably happy. But kills my desire to work and probably isn’t helping my long term prognosis.

I hope I can quit this time and not relapse. It’ll one of several attempts to quit this year. Fingers crossed…

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I used to think I’d be a stoner pothead for life. Then I went on probation got drug tested and was broke with no transportation for a year. Now it’s easy for me to not think about weed.

Idk :neutral_face: but I used to be high 24/7 in my younger years, then after probation ever since I never craved it again. It was love at first puff. I was an everyday smoker and not by choice but because of addiction and self medication since the first time I smoked. Then after a year break it’s been easy to not smoke since if I choose not to. I’ve had some relapse but gets easier and easier to abstain as time goes on !

Good to hear, would you say you are happier without weed?

I’m going to Amsterdam soon

Yes marijuana was a false sense of happiness. It wasn’t any way to live. I’m feeling depressed today but usually I feel pretty good, so it’s a bad day to ask me that question, but I can still say life is better without it. The only thing I miss is the friends I used to smoke with. But those weren’t real friends anyways cuz they all ditched me when psychosis came.

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Likewise, friends disappeared. But thanks, I am hopeful life will improve once I’m over the withdrawal period…

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I used to love to smoke pot in high school and 95% of the time it was fun, but after I got sick, it was not fun anymore and the negative aspects of smoking far outweighed any benefits I got from it. I smoked it sporadically every few years but in 1990 I quit smoking crack, smoking pot and drinking. In fact I started going to AA, CA, and NA to mainly quit crack but once I quit crack I quit all drugs and alcohol altogether. It was one of the best things I’ve eve done for myself.


Yeah life improves after the withdrawal period. The first few weeks without pot can be depressing. My advice is to find yourself a hobby. Do something with your time so that you’re not dwelling on pot. If you really want to quit, you will. It takes a bit of willpower. You’ll find you save a lot of money by not smoking weed. Good luck Lot I, if I can do it so can you.

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my parents and brother smoke weed. my dad is sza and my mom and brother are bipolar. my brother is an ■■■■■■■ without weed and believes it cured his bipolar disorder. he has hit my dad during one of his withdrawals. my brother weights 200 or just over 200 pounds while my dad weights maybe 120 around there.

my mom smokes it for her glaucoma and migraines if we lived in California she could probably get a prescription.

my dad recently smoked weed with my brother and his friend and at first he had problems breathing and his heart rate increased. when he smokes weed he drinks more beer and gets in fights with everyone. I try not to call during those times since he wants me to believe my partner is cheating on me and that my mom is cheating on him but she is never alone so how that works I have no clue.

I told you all this because I hope you can give up weed forever and if you do smoke it again realize the negative aspects it has on your life.

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