Quitting smoking and meds

I have quit smoking twice in my life. Once after a period of 10 years and another time after a two month stint. Both times i did it cold turkey. A few weeks ago I started smoking the occasional cigar. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I smoked 1 cigar every couple days. The first time I quit smoking the feat was mostly mental, but today a few weeks after I started puffing and 2 days after I started taking a mood stabilizer( for manic depression )I felt the biggest craving for tobacco today i ever had. It was unreal. My heart started pounding i felt really uneasy like I was going to die without it (much more than the previous times when i quit). I booked it to the store to get a menthol cigar. Could the new drug have any effect on cravings? I need the patch right now. Its all happening too fast after 20 years of being falsely told have schizophrenia and changing to a different med.

Some meds need to be adjusted if you give up cigarettes, as cigarettes affect the availability of the drug in your system. Check with Google and your doctor. Olanzapine is one such drug.

My son is on 10MG of Olansapine. He stopped smoking about 10days ago, and now can’t sleep, can’t stop thinking and has become unenthusiastic about life…he was doing great, exercising, getting tgether with a band twice a week and giving drum lessons. It all has stopped. Won’t sleep in his studio apt that is attached to our house. Stays by us all the time and just tried to sleep… you Think there could be some connection with him stopping smoking ?

Quitting smoking is a tough habit to break. Even after you get past the physical withdrawals you have to deal with lifestyle differences. I definitely think cigarettes could be the reason. You need to relearn life without nicotine. Me myself plan on never quitting nicotine. Although I haven’t smoked in over a month I use the e cig.

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I tell your psychiatrist that he’s stopped smoking, they may adjust his meds as a result.