Quitting smoke

i hate myself for smoking but yesterday i made a decision about quitting it and at 2:15 PM (sunday) i had my last cigarrete and started running 30minutes on the treadmil even though im 123lbs i think that quitting is the best we can do. right now im craving it so bad but i keep saying no i am not buying and its working but hard at the same time !!


You can do it? Keep going!

I quit in September! You can do it!


I quit smoking cigars in January. Chantix really seemed to help me with the cravings. I sometimes still crave a cigar/cigarette but its not as bad as it was. Anyways, you can do it…keep it up!

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Good luck quitting,you would be able to function better when you had quit smoking

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Keep running on the treadmill.

You only have to stick to that and you’ve done it!!!
Keep positive and keep doing what you’re doing!!

9 yrs in June

We’re pulling for you. Think of all the money you’ll save. Think of the doctor’s bill you won’t get.

I had to use ecigs to quit, they’re always an option if willpower alone doesn’t work.

Are you using anything to quit? Cold turkey is hard because your head will feel terrible for awhile. I’ve done it, but started again seven years later. This time I quit I switched to the e-cig and gave myself time to get used to that. I’ll be cutting back the nicotine as soon as I am ready.