Quitting quetiapine - my experience

So i recently cut down quetiapine a lot from 300mg to 50mg in three weeks. It was yesterday that I did not take at all. It was really difficult to fall asleep and i kept waking up thorough the night. I actually woke up at 9:30 am a bit sweaty and not fully rested, but i did not habe difficulty getting out of bed and showering. Felt morr energetic and felt that I was actually got awake. I will post how im going to feel tomorrow at work.


Also worth mentioning my suicidal ideation shrunk by a lot

Well done for doing that. Maybe you dont need it after all.

I rely on mine for sleep, and its a drug that suits me personally.

Its like marmite - ive seen alot of lovers and haters of that drug.

You might stay on 25mg/50mg just for sleep if you have problems.

Today i felt more energetic at work and actually maintained a conversation with my coworkers


I thought I relied on mine for sleep, but once I managed to (slowly) taper down and wean off of it, I re-learned how to sleep without it.
I thought it would be a problem because I knew I’d sleep less hours, and if I get less than 8.5 hours after taking quetiapine I feel so dead, but it turns out I actually get better rest, so I don’t really need more than 7 hours to feel fine now.

I still take it a an emergency aid if I need to just get knocked out and not feel mental pain, but that’s maybe once a month tops.

Luckily I respond well to even the lowest doses

I was put on massive dose 600mg at a hospital because i seemed too energetic. The first time when i took it i ran to my bad and almost shat myself. Hate this drug

Also, is itchiness a withdrawal symptom?