Quitting meds again

I have posted before but it’s been awhile … hopefully some of you can still provide me with some personal experience or give advice …
I’ve been taking seroquel almost since my psychotic break a year and 3 months ago. It helped me a lot but I felt it stifled my emotions, decreased my passions, and there was the 30 lb weight gain in a year . I am diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder so you can imagine the conglomerate of symptoms that have returned since I quit - not just hearing voices and wondering if my thoughts are fully sane but also extremes of emotion that are crippling. I also quit the olanzapine so now I barely sleep at all at night …even 15 mg ambien does nothingness by itself . I am trying to make my way through college…almost done…and I feel like I need the connection with those entities who speak to me and also to my more passionate emotions and as some might call it hypomanic states to.get through. Yet at the same time I fear my issues becoming more than I can handle and even the things I consider non issues turning into dark interminable obstacles. I wonder if any of you have experienced this dichotomy
Of great fear also compounded with the conviction that you are doing the right thing, especially during a time when you are trying to achieve some life important success. Thanks for reading if you made it this far

Not advised… But you know this dance … And you know how important sleep is…8 hours slips to 3…then 2…and before you know it…you crash… from keeping your brain in a hypomanic \ hyper vigilant state… Again not advised… Please consult your doc and discuss…consider also telling someone in your support system…


I suggest trying another med before you give up altogether. Seroquel I heard can be pretty rough with side effects and is known to be one of the meds that causes more weight gain…

Meds that are supposed to be weight neutral
-Latuda (also prescribed in treatment of bipolar, so good for mood swings)

Meds that are less likely to enhance negative symptoms (emotional blunting like you mentioned)

I have felt like I was more creative when I was off my med’s, but I definitely couldn’t handle the symptoms when I came off them. I’ve come off my med’s several times, and it was a disaster every time. Be careful playing with your med’s. It won’t help your scholastic career if you suddenly have to go to the hospital right about the time of finals. Keep some olanzapine handy in case you feel yourself spiraling out of control. It might keep you out of the hospital.

Gee, I don’t know what to say. I would be very afraid to stop my meds and I agree with everyone that it may sound good at the time but, likely, will come back to burn you.

A few years ago I was coin all then I saw al locum psychiatrist he reduced my clozaril and changed my antidepressant
After that I got very ill again and it took couple years to get back on trAck
I am doing ok now but be careful with med adjustment
I would be in hospital if I stopped my medication

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