Quitting caffeine is hard

So I usually have 2x2 espresso cups of coffee everyday. This morning I woke up late and had only one, now its 8pm here at mine and I crave second cup like crazy. I know its bad for my schizophrenia, but I am so addicted to coffee

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Can you substitute one cup of coffee for herbal tea? Herbal tea is not caffeinated

The reason for one of my relapses was cuz I quit caffeine cold turkey. Was a n00b and had no idea that it was caffeine withdrawals I was going through.

It is. It really is. Especially when combined with nicotine, caffeine can be hard to quit.

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Coffee is not so bad, I like to drink coffee. I have 3.5 kg coffee stored. When I was at the psych ward we were able to make our own coffee. I think that coffee increases our alertness.


One coffee at dawn , caffeinated body armor by lunch keeps me going all day as long as I had a good night sleep

I had 3 cups of coffee today. Woke up at 1:30am. Made coffee and started drawing.

Took me years to quit im only a month in from quitting. I woke up one day not feeling like a cup and I just rode that wave.

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