Quitting a job, starting another

This time my boss thinks I am an excellent, dedicated worker. (As opposed to the situation in a thread I made a while ago where I was being perceived as a mischievous bastard)
I have worked at a newspaper distributing company, my boss was a slightly overweight angel.
I guess that the environment plays a large role in well being at the workplace, your attitude towards it and towards the people involved in it.

The new job is entering data to excel spreadsheets and translating research paper btw :grinning:
I think it’s a good part time work option for szs

I think that szs who can function on their own have a good chance at having a job at least for sometime
I hope to encourage some people to get out there and get paid :slight_smile:


Good luck boy.
If you earn money you should donate a significant portion of it to charity.


I liked delivering papers and, yes, the environment plays a large part. Being a paper carrier meant that you were not an employee but a contracted worker. That means you had no employee rights. Some people there were just horrible to each other and got away with it because they weren’t employees. I worked there for 19 years by not letting them get to me.My car basically fell apart and that ended that job.There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a job, and employee rights is one of them.

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Myak go for it … U can do it bro… while i will try volunterring my friend… btw @Chess24 how are u buddy… how are u feeling now…???

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