Quite a dilema

We were under a tornado warning a week or so back, and the weather people were on tv saying, “Go to your shelter. Go to your shelter. Go to your shelter.” It was 3:00 am The problem was that the lowest place in our building with the most walls between it and the outside was the women’s apartments. It was raining hard outside when I went down to the women’s apartments, and my key did not fit the lock. I banged on the door, and this woman came and opened it. I stayed in the lobby outside the safest place in the building. I know the women did not like me being there, but there was no alternative. On the other hand, I’m the only person in the building who goes to shelter during a tornado warning. I’ve been in lots of tornado warnings that didn’t spawn any tornados, but that is the signal that you’re supposed to go to shelter - when they designate a “tornado warning”. Now, tonight, we’re under a tornado watch. If it turns into a tornado warning I will probably go down to the lowest part of the building with the most walls between it and the outside world. I hate to start any squabbles, but I’m always thinking that the tornado warning I don’t heed will be the one that gets me.


I think if there’s a tornado warning you should go to the safest place in the building,

Even if it is on the woman’s floor.

I’m sorry you were the only one there, but you were doing the right thing, I think.

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just politely say may I please come in because of the tornado…? so what that you are a man…they know you’re scared…keep it up brother…we will probably be back in the closet tonight…

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I’ve been through a lot of tornado warnings that didn’t turn into actual tornados, but I’m always thinking the one I don’t respond to is the one that will get me. I waited through most of that tornado warning, in spite of the fact that they were on tv telling people to go to their shelter, but I finally caved in and went down to the women’s apartments. I can understand why they would want a guy barging in to their living space, but they were very clear about going to a tornado shelter on tv.


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