Quit work for something else?

I started working in a retailer for sport fashion recently but i cant get along with the people and it makes time go slowly. When its not busy, which it wont be once the school holidays are over, im scared im going to be super bored.

I dont mind getting paid for nothing, but i do mind getting paid for being the boy/man that stands out like a sore thumb because he has no friends in the workplace. Idk. I just feel alone there and its making me more tired/drained mentally than normal.

Ive worked only six days but its felt like two weeks have passed.

Ive got an interview with the local authority for an office job. Admin support work, do you think this id better for a sz person? Becuase its just constant tasks and at least some sitting down time?


Workplace is supposed to be a healthy place for us. Id consider a change…

I feel like im making excuses to not work

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Ive been there too. Its No fun.

I think different people are able to handle different jobs than others, even if everyone in this hypothetical situation is on the schizo-spectrum. Some people do better with a slow paced job and some people do better with a fast paced job. Some people like hands on / labor intensive work and some people like office work.

Sorry to not have a straight answer for you. Maybe make a list of pros and cons for different jobs you are interested in, including the one you have now. Also make a list of your limits or accomodations. Some people can’t stand all day. Some people have a foggy brain and need more assistance from others, for example.

Keep in mind, though, you just started your current job. It usually takes some time to adjust to a new job, learning new processes, new policies, new people, etc. It’s up to you on whether or not you quit, but I think you should at least give a new job a few weeks, to get the hang of things and get to know coworkers.


It’s very much about you, the individual, and what works for you. What’s good is different for everyone. I think if this job is hurting you emotionally, it’s a good idea to try a different job


@Blossom is right on. Different people do differently at different jobs. I’m a janitor which counts as labor/hands on I guess. I like the slow paced, same routine every day. I know an office job would bore me even though I’ve never had one. I couldn’t sit at a desk all day among other office workers close by. My job I am usually constantly moving and I work by myself except when I go in an office or an office worker walks by. That’s the way I like it. I couldn’t do sales.

Blossom is also right that it takes awhile to get used to a job. My dad told me it takes about three months of working at a job to really know what it’s about. And sometimes you don’t make friends right away but once the other workers see you around for awhile they will get used to you and may think you’re cool or friendly or nice etc. and want to get to know you.

A list of pros and cons sounds like a good idea. It wouldn’t really be that hard to do and if you can see all the information right in front of you in black & white it might help you make a decision.


Thanks everyone. I went with my “intuition” and left. The manager was way too young to handle the team and there was a bully vibe to some of the staff. I think its better i look elsewhere for a more accommodating team (more mature people)


Well done I think you made the right choice I agree with what’s been said try to make it work somewhere else

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How are you at multitasking?

How are you at communicating with others in person, on the phone, and online?

How are you at handling stressful situations?

How are you at dealing with boring, repetitive tasks?

I’m sort of an admin support for an Account Executive at work. He is widely acknowledged to be the human equivalent of a dirty bomb when it comes to his paperwork. I’m not a selling machine, but I am organized to the point I can intimidate co-workers. I basically follow my AE around pick up his toys after he is done playing.

I get lots of stuff that he doesn’t want to deal with shoved my way. Either because it’s boring AF or the customer in question is annoying AF. We currently also have the problem of having more work to do than people to do it. Those of us at the senior broker level are hammered sideways with work. We can’t assign it to newer brokers – too complicated.

Anyhow, if the admin position resembles mine in some fashion, I hope you’re really stable. Not trying to scare you off, just sharing what my work life is like.


My organisational skills are generally okay, but idk about dealing with nutjobs over the telephone.

Reptitibe tasks is fine as long as it passes time, standing around with nothing to do and having to look busy because someone watches you and pulls faces is not okay tho - thats what i couldnt accept in this current job

Thanks for this info velociraptor

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