Quit smoking

I quit smoking about 1 year and 3 months ago. It was fun to smoke the first three months, but after that it just became a anoying habit and my health was in a bad place. I haven’t regreted quitting!


im 10 months sober from smoking, im glad i quit it was hard in first couple months but i vape it help.

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I quit nearly ten years ago after smoking for 35 years. I have mild emphysema now. I don’t even think about smoking anymore.

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I smoke three packs a day I’d love to quit sometimes I have chest pains and I have a bad cough


All I can say is that you will regret it when you are older and your health goes.

Yea I know like seriously nobody smokes 3 packs a day I tried to quit I have to quit soon hopefully . it’s gross and horrible and I have a smokers laugh too it’s awful

I don’t have emphysema I am able to exercise if I don’t smoke and I took Brazilian ju jitsu last year. I smell like an ashtray though and it’s only going to get worse.

i smoke 12 smokes a day and that is ok for me. Maybe at some point i’ll stop smoking too, but currently i don’t feel like it

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