Quit clozapine 16 days ago, when am i supposed to get psychotic ?


Got tired of all the side-effects.
For now at least i am feeling very well, more active and energy levels are really good mostly.
Some issues having sleep and i have been taking 50-100 mg quatiapine for sleep.

I have never been in hospital for only psychotic symptoms, i have always had also drug use then, maybe this time if i remain sober, i can make it without escalating to psychosis ?

I am sorry if my english seems bad, but i have not typed almost anything during the time i was on clozapine(9months).


Talk to it first with an psychartist, and welcome to the forum


I also had to quit clozapine because of Side-effects. Now, I take Invega. If Side-effects are too annoying it is better to switch than to stop.


Make sure you still get your bloods done


I go psychotic within a day of reducing or stopping clozapine


i say you’ll want to go back on meds within a month…its very hard tryoing to put up with sz without meds


by the way WELCOME to the foeum


It may take longer than you thought to relapse coz don’t forget quatiapine is an AP too

which has also been working quietly in the background.



The odds are that when you become psychotic you won’t know it because of loss of insight. Going off medication without physician approval is very dangerous.


Good Luck Mate, thats all i can say :slight_smile:

and welcome to the site,

if you feel bad or anything you can chat here but if it is serious definitely talk to your dr about it


Nobody knows, honestly. Could be later today, could be next year, could be never. All three options can and have happened.


3 weeks tomorrow. No psychotic symptoms, although i got the cold and a hangover.
Have had some mild manic episodes if i have been long without eating and listening to fast music, but i personally like them :slight_smile:

I am seeing a doctor in few weeks and let her tell me her opinion about this.


I got psychotic within two days of stopping two of my AP’s. I was still on my depot injection of a third AP.


My psychiatrist was thinking of putting me on clozapine because I didn’t respond to other medications. Instead, when I came back to Korea many years ago, my new doctor suggested olanzapine instead. I think olanzapine works well for me; it just took a while to find the right medication for your sz. I agree with others that it’s better to switch to a different medication rather than stopping the medication. I had a year-long gap without meds and it made me quite ill at the age of 14.
I’ve been taking melatonin for sleep as well, and it has helped me to sleep better.
Welcome to the forum by the way!