Quiet Morning

Woke up early in this morning at 5 am
made some coffee and ate some red berries
so quiet, no cars passing yet at this time
opened my computer only to read some local news
the spring is coming, temperature is plus 1 Celsius
drank two cups of coffee while listening music
’the moment’s way is light’ they sing in this song
took my meds as I do every morning
feeling that I am waking up in this quiet morning
feeling quite good and energetic
and thinking of making some more coffee
a caffeine addict as I am always
I enjoy this early morning and its silence
no people, no cars, nothing that would disturb me
just me with my paper notebook.


Sounds idyllic…

hope you have a nice day, God bless and thankyou for such a nice wake up call :slight_smile:

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I did also wake up at 5 AM. I’ve had a quiet morning with coffee. Waiting for my son to wake up.