Quiet and peaceful

I still get moments of quiet, peace and serenity. I can’t force it though.


Like a still pond when the breeze subsides. Nick is full of natural wonder.


Sweet that’s good to hear. If you got a smart phone download apps with all these nature sounds and close eyes

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I like the early evenings my friend!

I like to get up early so on these meds I’m sleeping lots so early evenings I’m winding down…it’s a great part of the day…

But mornings are the bomb! I like to get up at 5-6 am and everything is so peacefull. Really puts you in a mood for the day!

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Join me at the graveyard. :wink:

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I experience that mostly in the morning, like right now. I like to get up early so I can get as many of those early morning hours I can.

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