Quick Survey for patients suffering from Schizophrenia

I am a final year Pharmacy student at Kingston University and I am doing a project on the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems ( formerly known as E-Cigarettes) in patients with Schizophrenia.

This is purely voluntary and will be anonymous.

The survey only has 6 questions and will take only 5 minutes so I will be most appreciative if you could take the time to fill it out.

None of the questions will ask you to divulge any personal information or any information that can be traced back to an individual.

This topic was chosen by my supervisor/head of pharmacy at Kingston University for my dissertation
This research is not funded by anyone.

I have submitted ethical forms and consent forms to my head of year at Kingston University and have gained ethical approval.

Kingston University Ethics committee has approved this research.

I also gained permission from the people who run this forum for me to post my survey on this forum to gain participants.

Once I have received enough data/responses I will then analyse the data and will post a summary on to the thread detailing my findings.

This results will not be published anywhere else (other than this forum as stated in above point) as it is only a university dissertation project.

Only my supervisors and external markers will be informed or aware of my findings.


This posting has the approval of SzAdmin.


I think you need permission from the site administration for this. I’ll flag your post for Moderator attention, so they can say Yay or nay.


I took the survey, it’s not bad at all.

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I thank you for time and will keep yoou updated with the reults.
so far have got 10 responses. this is a good sign.


I took the survey as a ends user. Love my E cig.

Gotta say, taking a pill seems easier than vaping your meds :slight_smile:

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This looks like an interesting survey - I encourage others to take it. I hope the researcher will post the results here after its done, and the paper if there is one.


Yes once i have sufficient data and i have analysed the repsonses, i will post an overview of the results so that you can see what people thought of this suggestion of using ENDS as a potential delivery method.

Thank you for taking the time and completing this survey. It means a lot to me. I am actually quite suprised at the responses I am receiving so your data and views is absolutely vital for this research.


How many responses are you looking for?

Just FYI, 40 responses is probably the max you’ll get if you’re lucky, based on polls from the past. I took the survey.


I also took the survey.


Did the survey. Was fine.


tbh no maximum value. the more i get the better. at present I now have 24 and thats just in 2 days. so i have great expectations to what i may acheive before next monday.


hopefully i get that many. as stated beofre i am already half way to that number and its only been a couple of days. thank you for taking this survey. i appreaciate it a lot.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.

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I thank you for completeing this survey.

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I would be most honoured if you could recommmend this survey to anyone who suffers from schizophrenia as more data/responses I get, the better my evaluation of results will be. Thank you in advance to everyone who takes part in this survey

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Just wanted to inform everyone that so far i have a total of 40 repsonses.
I want to thank everyone doing this survey.
The survey is still open so if anyone wants to complete it go ahead.
remember be as truthful as you can and please answer all 6 questions.
Does not take longer than 5 minutes

Many Thanks in advance


Hi, sorry to bother you. Thanks again for completing the survey. Is it possible you can inform other people to take this survey.
only reason is the more responses I get, the better my dissertation results and discussion will be.

Kind regards

Very good, @everhopeful! And all the best to your survey, deepikalover1.