Quick jail story

well i remember when i was in jail in cincinnati. they dragged about 8-12 of us in a room before our initial hearing. when we got in there, an older man, in his 60’s, said something i’ll always remember. he said, “well here we all our dressed in our sunday best” we all had our orange jumpsuits on. for most of us this was not true, but it resonated with me as i didn’t feel like i had done anything wrong. was just being a free man hiking home when i got arrested.

like the late john lewis said, make good trouble. well i wouldn’t call anything i was doing “good trouble” i wasn’t sticking up for anybody but myself really. and just wanted to live without a car and walk to and fro. but i’ll always remember that older gentleman’s words.


this is exactly what i tried when the cop pulled in front of me to question me, then when i walked past him he tackled me from behind, searched me for drugs and weapons, and took me to jail.


i cant remember the charge, it was dropped, but that may qualify as enough for “resisting arrest”

i spent 4 months in a behavioral hospital and would be diagnosed schizophrenic… which would later be changed to sza, which i think is more accurate.


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