Quetiapine When You've Had Alcohol?

I was just wondering if anyone knows how safe taking Quetiapine (25mg) is, if you’ve had alcohol. I had two drinks, earlier today.
I know this will increase the effects of the alcohol, but it’s already pretty much worn off.
I’m not too worried about that, though. My concern is effects it may have on my body and my organs such as the liver.
I’m always paranoid about combining these things, because my organs and stomach are very sensitive, at the moment.
If anyone has any answers, that would be appreciated.

**Yes, I have tried looking it up, but I didn’t find much.

We are all different and react differently to alcohol. If you don’t feel any different then it’s probably not an issue. A couple of drinks shouldn’t change much. I’ve never had an issue but I’ve been told before in the past that my liver was struggling because I drank a lot of beer!

If your worried. See a regular doc and have a chat to your psydoc. Small alcohol consumption may actually be beneficial for most but stopping is hard for a lot of schizophrenics!

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Well when I took seroquel they neve rwarned anything about alcohol so I suppose it’s safe.

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Thanks guys.
It must have dome something, probably to my immune system, because I got sick from this.
Oh well.

Alcohol always lowers the immune system.

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I’m a recovering alcoholic. I’ve taken 400 x 2 quetiapine and drank twelve beers before. Don’t start thinking it is safe to mix your psychotropic drugs with alcohol, though. The body builds up tolerances for different chemicals it ingests, and someone drinking while taking 25 mg quetiapine is extremely dangerous because his or her body hasn’t had enough exposure to both substances to build up tolerances for them. Also, these psychotropic drugs differ hugely in how they affect people. 50 mg of a drug might put one guy into a deep sleep for twenty hours, and 500 mg might not do anything to another guy. I once knew a guy who could take any amount of Stellazine, and it had no effect on him. Just a small dose of that stuff puts me flat on my back. To tell you the truth, I have never felt any effect from quetiapine. It doesn’t touch me, but it might put you in a coma.

Yes, always.
I know this, because I get a cold sore nearly every time, after drinking.

Thank for this information, @crimby.
I agree with you, things can really differ from person to person.
I personally don’t like quetiapine, because it makes me feel worse and gives me awful nightmares, daydreams, and it sometimes will alter my perception. For example, today I got out of bed to get a glass of water, and the dog coming from the living room to say hello looked about as tall as me.
I know my roommates dog is not that tall, but it still frightened me back into my bedroom, again.
I also wake with basically no circulation in my body. This morning my feel were turning blue.
I don’t think I’ll take this, again.

It used to make my heart thump really hard and fast when I drank with quetiapine. My Pdoc says it’s because both seroquel and alcohol lower blood pressure so your heart has to work extra hard to counteract the effects.

It might not happen for you though.

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I drank on seroquel quite a few times and was fine with it. I however also can’t drink on other APs. So maybe it varies from person to person.