Quetiapine interactions?

I’m getting off of Humira because of increased arthritis ( it’s in my jaw now I can’t chew). So while I transition to something else I’ve been prescribed Prednisone. Anyone had to use these together? I see that quetiapine interacts poorly. I’ve sent a message to pdoc but I’m curious to hear experience. Rheumatologist prescribed this without looking at what I’m already taking. It’s all at the VA so any Dr can all see the info.

Humera takes up to 8 weeks when first starting to take affect. It takes weeks before you will notice improvement. One way to ease the tmj in your jaw is to get a bite guard.

I’ve been on it for 12 weeks. It’s an electrical shocking pain and burning sensation that is only on one side. It started 3 weeks ago increasing swelling/inflammation directly behind my ear opening. It slowly reduced the amount I could both open and close my mouth. I also now run a 100.5 to 102 fever for a day and a half after each injection. Rheumatologist said she has seen this before. She’s putting me on Enbral.

I have trouble eating because of my throat closing up. Hang in there.