Quetiapin and alcohol?

What happens when you mix Quetiapine and alcohol? My son drank beer with his friend last night and came home and started hitting us and screaming. I had to call the police. He ran away from home before the police arrived.

See my comment on the thread “How many of you still drink alcohol?”

PLUS, alcohol is a powerful dis-inhibitor while anti-Ps (like 'Quel) are powerful inhibitors. A manic sz on alcohol is a bomb with a lit fuse.

Unfortunately the question is what happens to your son when he mixes alcohol and Quetiapine, and fortunately / unfortunately you now know the answer.

I had a really bad time on Quetiapine but it works for some people.

I hope he also learned from this.

Its a dangerous combo …

alcohol worsent my psycosis extremly. quit drinking alcohol 10 years ago. replaced alcohol with antabuse.

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I’m on Quetiapine and I’ve drank on it before. I don’t know how I would say that affected me. I sometimes mess up when I drink, but I don’t go into a rage or anything. Different people can respond to the same med. differently. Mixing a tranquilizer with alcohol can be a bad combination. That kind of a combination makes some people angry and volatile.

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