Questions i ask myself

hi my name is chandra and i sometimes wonder if i am it sooo abnormal for me to hear the voice of god when much of humanity has belived in his existance since the dawn of mankind am i soo i sick because i beleive in god. also there are tv shows that venerate psychics. Im a pretty rational person but i am diagnosed schizo affectif take my meds lately ive been hearing voices and asking myself if i such just ignor it untill it goes a way or venture to ask a question about mans existance.

I sometimes question too if sometimes spirituality is misdiagnosed as illness.

I also speak to God :smiley:

wow its nice too know im not so alone

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spirituality should be diagnosed as an illness!

Meh… my opinion. Enjoy your lives.

Hey! Get outta here ya dirty atheist hahaha

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I missed you anna. As you wish. I can do no good here.

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