Questions for those taking (or that have taken) Abilify

What else do you take with it? How much do you take? How well does it work? Has anything helped reduce feelings of inner restlessness? What other side effects do you experience? How bad are they?

I have 25 mg Abilify and 300 mg Quetiapin.

I become calm but the voices remain.

No side effects at all for me.

I took it for a couple of years. Nothing really helped with the inner restlessness. My memory and concentration got really bad while using it. I am glad that i quitted it. Funny thing is that i had 2 different doctors up the dosage when i complained about the inner restlessness.

L-theanine helps me with the inner restlessness. 300mg in the morning, 300mg in the evening.

I’ve been taking it for a month now at that dose, I might be becoming tolerant to its effects though.

I take abilify and klonopin it’s good for me at 25 mg I like it

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  1. How much do you take?
  2. What else do you take with it?
  3. How well does it work?
  4. Has anything helped reduce feelings of inner restlessness?
  5. What other side effects do you experience?
  6. How bad are they?
    [/quote]1. I was on it, for three months. I took a 400mg injection every four weeks.
  7. Nothing else.
  8. Didn’t stop any of my symptoms at all, in fact made the voices stronger & more hostile.
  9. Nope. I’m quite restful, actually, through practical techniques - such as fine dieting & lounging in bed most of the day.
  10. EXTREME anxiety & paranoia.
  11. So bad I had KNEW that I absolutely had to discontinue the medication three days or so after my third injection.

I was on a low dose and while it sort of worked it had it’s own set of problems. It made me feel sick, hungry all the time, anxiety and restlessness, I threw up a lot and wanted to spend money I didn’t have. The withdrawals when I came off of it were worse, I went nuts for 3 months. Now I’m on Zyprexa and everything is fine. No weight gain and no anxiety, no sickness. I did have better creativity on abilify though.

I used to take it many years ago in parallel with Zyprexa. Don’t remember the dose.
It gave me extra energy but it made me feel weird somehow. So we decided to drop it off.
Right now I get Zypadhera injection and nothing else - and so far I’m pretty satisfied.
I still hear voices but a lot less.

I felt sluggish and had poor concentration and memory on abilify and it didn’t help with paranoia at all. Now I take seroquel and zoloft-these work very well, but I also quit drinking coffee and the restlessness and obsessivess are much more tolerable.

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Hi, was on it for several years but the restlessness was unbearable and t though it worked on voices it didn’t on paranoia. Glad I am off it but it kept my weight lower.Hippo

I was on 35 mg of abilify for about two to three years. I gained a lot of weight on it. My weight is almost doubled. I have sleeping problems while on it. Can’t sleep but sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day. Cannot stay out of bed most of the time. My memory and attention get so bad that i can’t handle a 5 min conversations. I also have a lot of headache and dizziness. My mind is not clear I often struggle to focus my thoughts. I have got severe chest pain too. I felt abnormal with my heart. Lastly, i don’t think my voices has stopped after i took abilify.

I have restlessness while on another AP. I changed med and don’t feel restless most of the time since then.

Initially I was on 10mg abilify but it made me feel lethargic and made my negative symptoms worse! I’m on 5mg now and feeling much better with more energy! It does not have any effect on my weight! Its a nice drug at a low dose

I take 10mg and I still have some paranoia sometimes but it makes me feel stable majority of time. I’ve been taking it for about 5 yrs

I took it a couple of years. I got an increase in physical strength when I used it. I never did get rid of that feeling of restlessness.