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Do you feel like your sub conscious is affected when you read a book? Sometimes my thoughts change. I embody the theme of the book sometimes. I’ve never been a real intellectual, but for the people who are can you put into words what books do to your mind. I really do wish I could talk about them and remember everything I read. Are you more conscious of the book when you remember more of it?

Books get me involved. I think about the characters, sometimes I adopt their mannerisms for a while. The way I describe my thoughts change for a little while too.

I have books I’ve read 3-7 times and I still discover something new each time. I enjoy reading them, it’s like visitting old friends.

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Thanks @Pikasaur. I too adopt stuff from the book. I’m not exactly sure what it is though.

I used to be really high brow about books - demanding my books be thick with meaning and symbolism etc. Now I just read purely for entertainment. I am now an equal opportunities reader.

Like I like dan brown. I know he’s not high literature or anything but hey I like reading his books.

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Books, especially non fiction books, have the power to radically change me from within. When I was a young woman, reading a lot of feminist literature changed me from a little ultra conservative, fundamentalist Christian, submissive housewife into a radical feminist, lesbian woman who wanted her freedom and a divorce as fast as she could get one. And books have always had the power to change me like that.


Last Sunday I reread the first section of a William Faulkner novel. It made me sad, because the family life he described reminded me of my own family’s craziness, esp alcohol. So I dunno if I’ll read that one again. I guess Faulkner was quite an alcoholic himself – which shouldn’t detract from his importance. But still it’s hard for me to revisit that.

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