Questions about what I'm up against and what helps

I’ve only had SA for about a year, and still don’t know what I’m up against because I also have brain injury symptoms. It’s hard to distinguish the two. I know about the positive and negative symptoms, but I don’t know about the other symptoms.

Is it typical to have a low tolerance for stress? I am taking an online physiology class, and I only made it 9 minutes through a video before I was stressed out.

Is it typical to have light and sound sensitivity and be poor at filtering out noises?

Also, I’m noticing some dietary things that cause me to have more intrusive thoughts and hear more voices like eating gluten, drinking coffee, and too much sugar.

Is there any way besides medication to reduce these symptoms? I’m exercising, eating healthy, taking quite a few supplements, and have a low stress life. Am I expected to get better or worse? Is it possible to even answer a question like that?

Last question I have is what is happening physiologically in the brain and body that causes all of this?

If anyone else has recommendations to make this better, please let me know!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am highly sensitive to noise.

It can be typical to have low tolerance for stress. I get stressed easily without realising it.

Are you taking medication?

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Hello and welcome. I can’t speak for all Sz’s and peoples afflicted with SZa. But I can speak for myself that I do have a low stress level.

Filtering noises - yes I have a hard time with this. I am unsure if the light and sound sensitivity.

Caffiene and high fatty foods can trigger symptoms.

I hope you find peace and feel better soon. Sites like this are a great place to find support. I can’t speak for everyone but having a sound spiritual system to believe in gets me through the toughest times.

Take care.

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As was mentioned, all the things you’ve asked about tend to be common with sz/a. Just an FYI, relapses are more common off of meds. And that can actually damage the brain more. I know not everyone is med agreeable, but it’s something to consider.

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Hello JAB!I’ve had SZ for ten years now, in this right up month. It is very normal for me to get stressed because of everything. I don’t realize until I can’t sleep or eat.
Light sensitivity for me happens every day, especially-yeah, I’m not fooling you- when Spring comes out.
Noises?In my first year they were unbearable, really. You shouldn’t be taken aback of noises because they could make you think on voices and frighten you, unnecessarily.
I don’t know about gluten and sugar, but one cup of coffee can awaken you from a heavy sleep. No more than one, please.
One tip that helped me awesomely: think. Create your own ways of coping with this: If I feel a noise I open the door, If I feel voices I turn the light on and see if there is someone around, If I feel something’s not real I go and touch it. Learn to learn from you and never give up on drugs.
If you I feel paranoid, I rapidly make a drawing of things that could be happening, I categoralize them(this takes time): 1)Real? 2)Just me?
Hope it helps you

Yes, I am taking medication. It helps a lot–abilify.