Questions about scizophrenia

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I am a 21-year old skinny male and i think i’ve recently started to get symptoms of scizophrenia. My mom and sister have scizophrenia but they never got treated early on.

Signs i’ve had for a long time since a kid:

  1. very good at math but bad at socializing, i was more of an observer and physical interactor than talker

  2. over time i fell into social isolation as a kid and it’s been going on for a long time

  3. don’t have many friends, just a few i talk to

  4. i don’t clean my room for months, i don’t wash my clothes for months, i’m too lazy to go to
    work, i’ve failed 12th grade 2x in a row and barely passing this year, i don’t wash myself or take care of my looks that much, i don’t really bother with buying food/cooking either

  5. i spend most of my time behind the computer usually watching how other people play
    video games, listen to music or play a few games myself, i do practice singing once a day and it’s become my passion, my dream is to create a band and perform live

  6. i like to dream a lot, that i am more than i really am. I like to dream that i would’ve been a different and more badass person in my class for ex or as a kid, that i was funnier, really talented, really good-looking and really strong. That i was a scientific genius who could travel to parallel worlds, lately i’ve been dreaming of becoming a popular musician and singer

  7. i developed social anxiety when i was 12 years old, it all started when i thought in the bus, why older women weren’t attractive and i started to notice them more around me. i couldn’t take my eyes off of them, eversince i’ve been in a “guarded” state around people because i’m afraid they judge me when i move my muscles the wrong way or when i pay attention to them

It doesn’t help that when they notice i’m aware of them, they react aswell and make my situation even worse

  1. Shortly after i developed social anxiety i started getting bullied aswell by my best friend in school who i had a fight with. The people i was interested in my class weren’t interested in me so i just started sleeping in classes and skipping classes

  2. When i fell out of music school my father started hating me since it was his dream for me to become a cello player, he started insulting me and mentally abusing me everyday because i played video games, i became really terrified, he would open my door every 15 minutes and insult me till i started crying, he was the only person i lived with

Late symptoms:

  1. I had pain for a few days in my hands which i thought came from my blood vessels
  2. i had a panic attack because i saw my hands were really pale and blood vessels really purple
  3. I’ve been feeling really dizzy, like i would pass out at any given time although i’ve had 8h+ of sleep and i’ve eaten properly
  4. I feel tingling in my legs constantly
  5. Today when i was walking on the pavement, the pavement seemed to go by really fast like when you are in a train and the colors “merge” because the eyes can’t keep up
  6. I’ve had the urge to just laugh or smile all the time although i don’t want to. I haven’t laughed once but i am keeping the smile down and trying to be serious but it is hard to be serious

Is it possible to prevent scizophrenia? Is it possible for me to develop scizophrenia? What can i do to prevent it? What are your own experiences with developing scizophrenia in the early stages? Am i at early stages?

Please help me and i wish all the luck this world has for you :sunny:


U have to talk this to ur pdoc as soon as possible…!!! We are not doctors here …we cant diagnose u…plz do it faster…!!!


I have an appointment set up for tomorrow but i thought i’l like to know more about this disease from people who have it


Yes its good to have insight… but ur doc knows all of what u got… fingercrossed for ur appointment… sz can me managed…!! I have sz too…!!!


I’m not here to diagnose you but with all the physical problems you are having with blood vessels and tingling and such I would also see a regular doctor if I were you.


Sorry but we can’t tell you if you are in the early stages. But I would definitely see your family doctor first. Do you have any specific questions though? :slight_smile:

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Hello there and yes :slight_smile:

How did sz develop out for you in the beginning, what were the signs and at what point did you start treating it?


In the beginning it was alot of depression and manic highs. I cut and basically started thinking of suicide. So I went to a crisis intake and was admitted for a stay. I told them I was dead though I thought nothing of it. I didn’t know I was hallucinating or was delusional. It was a big surprise when they started me on an anti psychotic. I was 23 at my first admission. I’ve been med non compliant in the past but I’m 34 now and am taking meds and I understand things a bit better. Though I have elements of ptsd and my upbringing was tough these also contributed to my current mental state.

I’ve had 4 psych admissions total and my last one was a year ago. It’s great that you are looking into this but if u wish you are welcomed to pm me if you are able or if you have more questions I’d be happy to answer them. Please keep us updated how you fare. :slight_smile:

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did they diagnose you schizophrenic,

cuz it doesn’t sound like it to me.

Skinny people get anxiety.

Whatever it is it sounds really worrying, you should go see a doctor as soon as possible

Thank you for sharing your story, it means a lot to me!

I hope sz doesn’t affect your life too much when you are managing it and i hope you only get better!

I’m going to go to my family doctor tomorrow to see her opinion and if anything happens, i’ll let you know :wink: godspeed

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I have schizophrenia.

I had social problems since 4th grade. It started when I went to public school. Before that, I had anger and behavioral issues. I was always smart but struggled in school because I never took it seriously or studied. Like you, I played video games constantly. It was an escape for me.

In high school, I was a loner with zero friends. I was skinny and sort of athletic. After high school, I went straight to community college.

I forgot to add that I started drinking energy drinks when I was like 15-16 years old. I’ve been addicted and drinking them almost every day since then.

I ended up doing really well in community college because I had to pay for that ■■■■ and always thought college was to be taken serious. I wasn’t bullied and I made friends!

When I transferred to a prestigious university, 3 years later, I got really depressed (again) because I didn’t get straight As. The school was difficult and everybody was smart. The weather was depressing too. I realized I wasn’t that smart.

I forgot to mention I had an eating disorder in high school because my dad was abusive and I had low self-esteem.

My step dad and my mom are religious fundamentalists/evangelists. I was an atheist at the time. I did not fit in. My step father was weird to say the least and my mom was a home maker.

I come from a broken family and now my mind is broken. I was the read-headed step-child of the family.

I started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol (again) in university. I felt like I lacked social skills and it helped with depression. I found out that marijuana made me feel less socially awkward and helped with my energy drink addiction.

After my psychotic break but before my diagnosis (which took like 1.5 years to get), I was diagnosed with Aspergers. Depending on who you talk to, they weren’t 100% sure. I did get the diagnosis though. Some people are stupid, arrogant, and belittling to those who don’t fit their cookie-cutter definition of Aspergers. They all think they work for Cal-trans or look like rain man or someone from the Big Band Theory.

With regards to travelling to parallel universes, I’ve done it many times. I’ve been a genius and I’ve been retarded. It all depends on how you look at it. Past thousand lives or so have been good for me–or at least I think so. I had a rough spell for a while. I remember a lot of bad ■■■■ happening to me.

I’ve never hallucinated, despite what the doctors say (I’ve been a doctor in a past life). I just have horrible depression, dissociation, and negative symptoms from medication. Oh and ya, terrible anxiety and panic attacks. And delusions that I live in a computer simulation (which doesn’t bother me anymore, but which has been proven before a thousand times).

I’ve probably been hospitalized 20 times, if you include PHP, Outpatient, Inpatient, etc. I hate it. It does help but I seem to be getting fatter and dumber as time goes on.

Vraylar has been a god-send. But it took 6 years to find that medication. It’s the only medication that makes me not want to kill myself.

If you have schizophrenia, you have a long road ahead. But it’s a good time because you are young and they’re coming out with better and better medications. You’ll probably get cured in the next decade. You’re lucky.

The best thing is to see a doctor. I would see a primary care physician at least. Some doctors are biased. Get help ASAP.

Good luck!

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i don’t think you can prevent sz but I do think youo can get a med that will heko you

It seems like it’s not possible to prevent scizophrenia, which is a shame.

I had hoped omega 3 fatty acids or just avoiding high dopamine levels might’ve helped.

We’ll see what happens to me and how i manage it

We can’t diagnose you, but I can tell you straight away that your symptoms really don’t sound anything like schizophrenia. They do sound like anxiety, which I assume is the reason you’re worried about schizophrenia.

I also don’t think it’s healthy for you to hang around here until after you get a professional examination. I’m closing the thread as we get a lot of these threads and they tend to not end well.