Questions about joining the military

I’ve served active army and marines, and I definitely do NOT recommend joining the military at this time or with your problems.

If you want to get in shape, do knuckle pushups and learn martial arts at the schools in town. But don’t do something as stupid as join the military. I was in the army before the new digital pattern uniforms came out and served in afghanistan. I was in great shape physically yet not really mentally, and it contributed into my life as it is now. It’s a very sad, and regrettable life knowing that your young years and young friends were used as pawns to serve wicked people.

Miss seeing you here more often

Hope you’re good

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I’m okay just very busy with a new house to rehab.

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But back on track, it’s really hard mentally in the military and I’m not saying you can’t hack it but it IS a matter of life and death if you join the combat arms specialties. I’d just stay out of the military and work out at a gym and find a good mentor to help your development.