Question if there should be Psychosis Spectrum Disorder instead

Should there be Psychosis Spectrum Disorder instead of Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders?

I think it should be called Psychosis Spectrum Disorder, because Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder itself, and there should be no difference between Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders.

I have been exuded from here for only having diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and it is very wrong, because all DSM-5 and ICD-11 disorders can cause delusions and hallucinations, or both, if it is more severe. Schizophrenia Spectrum is not the only psychotic disorders out there, psychosis exists beyond Schizophrenia Spectrum.

I am sorry for the little vent, I hope that what I said is correct.


I think anyone who has experienced psychosis and/or takes antipsychotics is welcome on this forum. I personally like the diversity of diagnoses on this forum.


Thank you! I am just frustrated that some people like me get exuded on this forum, just because people like me don’t have Schizophrenia, but people like me do have history of having psychosis in the past.


No one has excluded you here. We are open to anyone that has experienced psychosis. I think that’s paranoia talking.


I think you are being a bit paranoid
I don’t think others care if you have bipolar disorder

Like you said, as long as you suffer with psychosis then you will be accepted here.

My current diagnosis is bipolar disorder as well and I feel at home here.


I have been exuded by one user here, is it okay if DM you about it in private?

I don’t know how to DM you.

The link of the indecent:

Being paranoid does not mean that I am wrong though, although my paranoia if fixated to unhealthy extend

Perhaps having a word without psycho in it might make a difference?

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Should it be called Reality Distortion Spectrum Disorder?

That isn’t being excluded. That was asking a question.

I think you need to learn what excluded means. No one has prevented you from being part of a conversation or pushed you out of the community.

While the question wasn’t phrased the most politely, it was only a question.

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I am sorry that I am wrong, I thought I was exuded, because the question was a bit mean, didn’t feel so welcoming.

I am sorry, I did not know the difference between his question and being exuded.

Exluded would be if you were ignored and/or told to leave.

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If anyone asks something like that again, just tell them that this site is open to anyone that has experiences psychosis.

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Hey, thanks!

I am sorry that I posted the indecent in public, I don’t know how to DM you yet.

How do I DM you in private? I am still kind of a newbie to this site as I did not use this site for two months.

Just got to the Envelope on your usuer panel. Click it. It will list your PMs. Click the envelope again and it will take you to a page for PMs. There will be a button that say New Private Message.

Cli k that. The pm box will open. Just type a member’s name in the “to” box.

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I never got a diagnosis. Might be unspecified psychosis. I feel at good in here.