Question for woman

Will you mind if your loving partner had only 70% of erection when having sex?
I am taking antipsychotic and it affect my erection,I am conscious that it’s not as erected as I want it to be only 70%,will you mind if your partner?Be honest,thank you.


It’s still functional right? Who cares if there’s 30% less erect-ness LOL. I think it would take either a really self conscious or really superficial critical girl to be bothered by that.


It is not a huge deal if the sex is still good. I would not let yourself get down about that. Some want sex a lot and some not so much though so watch out. My bf got dumped for not putting out enough with one girl.

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If you have trouble with premature ejaculation I’ve found that some of the ssri antidepressants help with that. They make it harder for a male to get an orgasm. I don’t know how they affect females.

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Thanks all,my girl said it’s okay…but I am just self conscious you know?

If you aren’t that blessed (like me, I’m not blessed) you might need a full erection for her to feel satisfaction.

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Buy some toys and get creative.


if your loving partner had 0% erection? I have erectile dysfunction because of meds.

Size doesn’t matter, it’s about performance. Be skilful and creative because as a woman, there are so many ways to get satisfied.


It is not so bad of a problem to have!

don’t worry too much and like others suggested…lots of ways to get creative :rofl:

In a loving relationship I’m more worried about who they are. In a sexual relationship size, performance and excitement matter.

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I agree with Anna. It shouldn’t matter.

I would ask her to get you all the way to 100% by what ever means necessary so you could both enjoy it more. She could get creative and help a fellow out, if you know what I mean. wink

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