Question for those that have quit smoking for longer than a couple months

Hey guys, I’ve quit smoking and nicotine now for 7 weeks. The urges have pretty much disappeared at this point. I do however notice sometimes my ego gets a bit wound up and I don’t feel like I have a good release valve anymore. I really don’t want to go back to nicotine but I’m wondering if this problem will go away in a few months or whether there’s something more I could be doing like exercise (I don’t exercise much at all) to remedy the problem. I’m not eating too much as to get fat which is a good thing. How do you guys that have quit relax? ground? reset? yourselves? Or do I just need to wait a little longer on the quitting smoking front and the problem will fix itself?


It will go away eventually. The idea of smoking just seems pretty stupid to me now, it is expensive, makes you stink and kills something like 1 in 3 smokers. You only enjoy it because your addicted. Exercise probably would help you get it out of your system but I never did that. 7 weeks is pretty good most people I know give up after like a week.


Yeah I tend to think it will go away over time, my neuro-chemistry is still a little messed up from quitting. I don’t remember having this problem years ago when I didn’t smoke and don’t hear of non smokers complaining about it so it’s probably just a temporary problem that will go away.

I’ll have something to eat or drink instead, i think its ok to reward yourself but dont replace one habit with another (bc a lot of people sometimes fall into that trap) you could plan ahead when you save money and do something with that,

I think i started biting my lips when i stopped smoking (which is a coping technique) but i dont encourage this bc it can damage your mouth and i am still trying to kick that habit now too, i clench a little as well.

Replace negative behavior with good is the way to go. Exercise is a good outlet. It helps your health and it’s something positive you can do.

It does get easier. I’m almost 10 years without. I don’t get urges and I can hang around smokers and not even want one anymore! Hang in there!

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