Question for people that are good at dealing with their voices? How do you get along with your voices?

I am a 29 year old male, atheist

I have been schizophrenic since 2007 and I cannot figure it out!

Any and all advice is welcomed

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello InternetAdult

I get along with my voices very well. I speak to them almost all daylong unless with others. I am 45 years old and the voices started a year ago and since that time I have learned much about myself and the afterlife. The best way to deal with voices is to remember that they only hear your thoughts. Imagine a person sitting in your head blindfolded and all they can hear is your thoughts about things. Now you can slip them a slid show or a mental image of things you are trying to explain to them and you will feel when they do not understand things.

Here is an example;

ME; I hate my life and everything seems so dark to me I just wish I could die all my pain will be over.
Voices: Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself
Or ME: I hate people that are gay because I have a fear of being gay, an internal battle within your mind
Voices; you are gay you like men you are gay.

They hear your thoughts but do not understand the meaning of the words, look at it like this try to read something without imagining what you are reading just read the words this is how they are they can say words but they can not connect them with the images that go with the words.

Now show them the meaning of death in your mind or show them why the aspect of being gay is painful to you and see how they react to the mental imaginations you use to understanding words.


hm… idk my voices are super vicious and always try to oneup me

Uh, oh. But… I used to try to resist them or shut them up or distract myself from them (okay, still guilty of that) (on web forums). Now I use this 10StEP mantra: I observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand to process to transcend the voices. It’s just a sort of Buddhist trick. I have a complete explanation of it somewhere, but I have to hunt for it. Reply if you want to see it.


For a while… I had three options…

  1. try hard not to believe them… when they got vicious about people hating me and wishing me dead…

  2. just let them pass and try to ignore them

  3. try to turn the channel… try to think of something totally different.

I’ve had a lot of therapy to see that what I was hearing was all me… my own insecurities and lack of confidence… I also had some help in therapy to let some of it flow…

When my voices would tell me how weak I was and how passive I was… I’d have to work on turning weak and passive into peaceful and non-aggressive.

I think I did learn a lot about myself from what was going on in my head… what the voices came back to again and again… was most likely something that was upsetting me that I wasn’t facing.

I’m also on AP’s and after a while… they just sort of turned into neutral chatter… my meds got upped and they have faded even more.

They cut through when I’m having a bad day… but it’s not constant anymore.

It’s hard… but being kind to yourself… not believing the negativity helps…

I also used to write down what the head circus would day and argue it out on the page.

Be kind to yourself… be patient with yourself… don’t be afraid to get help. CBT did help me turn my thinking around.

Good luck… I hope you feel better soon.

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I don’t hear voices or hallucinate…just every few years I think 6 billion people want to kill me and I need hospitalization because of it.

I skull â– â– â– â–  my voices into submission and then eat all the food, maybe jerk off and shower

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Your disssssgusting :confused: just kidding that’s kind of hot!

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One of my biggest stumbling blocks in AA was believing in a higher power who knew or cared about me personally. I still have difficulties with that, and I’m still drinking.

I believe in higher power and actually looking forward to “going home”. I am sick of my body issues and just want some peace and I only 31.

On a positive note I wanna see magic mike xxl and see those sexy men :smile:

ignore the negative ones…
i talk to the positive ones…
take care :alien:


Sometimes I believe the way you do. I’ve visited a lot of sites on youtube that tell about “near death experiences”. Most of them are euphoric, and they make me want to “go home” too. I’m 56 years old, and I’m starting to become aware of death approaching. I’m wondering what kind of mark I will leave on the world, if any.

I’m not concerned about marking anything. I just want to be healthy and have a simple life. These voices harassed me enough.

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can I get an amen… I don’t need a bit house… I don’t need a lot of complication…

A small house… a garden… and some family by my side…

I’m going for content.


I would like to know this to. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with voices that wish you harm, constantly curse you and make you have panic/anxiety attacks and make your life a living hell.

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where can i find more info? 10 steps of what?

hm… idk my voices are super vicious and always try to oneup me

Hello internetAdult

Your voices find you finding your souls mind this is why they attack you. The soul is divided into two parts the part of you that is experiencing and the part of you that is who you will always become. The reason we are put together like this is so the soul in the after has a way to find themselves again to learn the truth of who they are and how to become something again. The mind is himself and the minds mind is yourself, your true self. A matrix is ongoing within your souls mind it is experiencing there the same as you are experiencing here. Souls can enter into your souls mind and can talk to you there which you will,believe is telepathy but it isn’t. The voices are inside of your souls mind they are all around you and can find your mind as easy as if they were sitting in it listening to your thoughts. Voices will change tone as these are your memories of the way someone sounds to you and will feel and seem like others in the room are talking to you but they are not the voices are from inside of you. I learned to listen to them and try to understand them they are interesting to me. Stand your ground and lose your ego you already know who you are so listen to yourself first and then teach the voices who you are. They will listen in time just find a silent mind and let them talk you will see they mean no harm they are just confused.


wow that is really wild… where do you think these thoughts come from?