Question for notmoses

Um…I don’t think he will respond to your question because he is suspended… :neutral_face: With an explanation I don’t understand.

It’s the condescension/sarcasm etc when confronted by someone who doesn’t blindly buy into his message that I have a problem with . Not all of us are as stupid, or need to be talked down to, as he thinks. Intelligent/highly intelligent people are going to disagree with him from time to time,whether it be on here or elsewhere.
I personally don’t need to be talked down to by someone who at best I consider my intellectual equal and in any case using your intelligence to demean others is a cheap and tawdry use of that intelligence.


@Sarad I did not know he had been suspended though come to think of it I was a little surprised that he had not responded.

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Why is he suspended?


I like both you and notmoses. Just not so sure what all of this back-biting is really about.

If I had known notmoses was suspended and unable to reply I would not have made this thread. Having found out he can’t I accept that this thread is like a trial without a lawyer for the defence. In the circumstances I am requesting that this thread be locked .

I’ll do it… :wink:

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It says until tomorrow.


has notmoses been banned from the forum??? for how long???. so sorry 4 him…

THAT is no intelligence at all.

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