Question for notmoses

When people don’t buy into your POV you automatically think it’s down to faulty thinking on their part and make out it’s typical of those with sz.
Isn’t this belief that it’s always someone else’s thinking that is faulty indicative of a mind that is highly faulty itself or a personality that’s intoxicated with its own arrogance?


You all should just agree to disagree.

He’s trying to do better, though. The past few days have been okay.

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Have you heard of this site:

Icarus Project Vision Statement

The Icarus Project seeks to overcome the limitations of a world determined to label, categorize, and sort human behavior. We envision a new culture that allows the space and freedom for exploring different states of being, and recognizes that breakdown can be the entrance to breakthrough. We aim to create a language that is so vast and rich that it expresses the infinite diversity of human experiences. We demand more options in understanding and navigating emotional distress and we want everyone to have access to these options, regardless of status, ability, or identity.

The Icarus Project helps us overcome alienation and tap into the true potential that lies between brilliance and madness. We are members of a group that has been misunderstood and persecuted throughout history, but has also been responsible for some of the world’s most extraordinary creations. Sensitivities, visions, and inspirations are not necessarily symptoms of illness, they are gifts needing cultivation and care. When honored and nurtured, these gifts can lay the foundation for a wiser and more compassionate society. As a mutual aid community, we intertwine threads of madness and creativity to inspire hope and transformation in an oppressive and damaged world.


  1. Self-Determination. We honor the language people use for understanding their experiences and we respect how people choose to navigate their distress. We embrace diversity, harm-reduction and self-determination. Everyone is welcome, whether they support the use of psychiatric drugs or not, and whether they identify with diagnostic categories or not.

  2. Beyond the medical model. Icarus is a sanctuary for people creating their own definitions of health and wellness. We are exploring unknown territory and don’t steer by the default maps outlined by health professionals and pharmaceutical companies. We’re making new maps.

  3. Educating ourselves about options. We question what we hear in the media and what we read in doctor’s office brochures. We research medical treatments, learn all we can about their risks and benefits, and respect the role that personal beliefs and intuition play in decision-making. We explore a spectrum of approaches, and encourage each other to make informed choices.

  4. Balancing wellness and action. We help each other stay balanced and grounded so we can use our gifts to make the world we live in better, more beautiful, and way more interesting. Together we strive to create full and independent lives for ourselves where the ultimate goal is not just to survive, but to thrive and transform.

  5. Access. We demand more options in understanding and navigating emotional distress and we want everyone to have access to these options, regardless of status, ability, and identity. We seek to create spaces and resources that enable the inclusion of all people.

  6. Social Justice. We recognize that we all live in a crazy world and that too many of us struggle due to ongoing legacies of abuse, colonization, racism, ableism, sexism, and other interlocking forms of oppression. We affirm that social justice is the foundation of healthy societies and foster supportive relationships free of violence and oppression.

notmoses just lays out the facts. He’s not your doctor, so calling into question his bedside manner seems a little curious to me.

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ps: my last post

i respect his opinions and try to grow through his teachings as much as i can bc he is an elder here and has a lot of experience to offer to this community,

i welcome him with open arms to be honest and despite what people might think i actually like my opinions challenged because it gives me another perspective or angle to look from and to weigh up the pro’s and cons,

not everything is black and white as they say, not everything is set in stone.

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People’s political opinions sometimes amuse me - from a distance. What it is that everyone is saying is - This is the truth!!! People get angry when other people can’t understand what obviously is right.

People with sz can be pretty sensitive and defensive. Guilty of that myself.
My goal is to harden up more and not be affected by petty words when they so appear :blush:

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I’ve stated this before…

notmoses can be a polarizing figure on this forum.

If you’re a ‘glass half empty type’ of individual, you will call into question his ethics and advice.

If you’re a ‘glass half full type’ you’ll appreciate his knowlege and input.

I like his shtuff and feel that underneath all of that technical text, lies a big heart and a sincere devotion to help others on this site.


is just a matter of opinion

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I agree.
“Trying to please everybody is impossible - if you did that, you’d end up in the middle with nobody liking you. You’ve just got to make the decision about what you think is your best, and do it.”
(quote by John Lennon)

Uh yeah a person who won’t accept blame for a failure in communication is a promising candidate for a cluster B personality disorder.

These are dramatic and erratic personalities.

Antisocial personality
Histrionic personality
Narcissistic personality
Borderline personality

All marked by thinking they’re always right. That is the common characteristic which is most obvious. These personalities are self centered to a pathological degree.

@firemonkey I’m not sure if this answers your question but it’s good stuff to be aware of.

It’s peculiar to me that the people who seem to be the most offended by notmoses are the ones who feel a need to rock the boat themselves in their delivery and demeanor.

firemonkey could have PM’d notmoses instead of starting a pot-stiring thread.

@mortimermouse Not sure about the cluster B personality stuff but do find @notmoses condescension/demeaning attitude/sarcasm towards those who don’t buy into everything he has to say a little hard to stomach .
There is never any attempt to consider that sometimes his own thinking may be at fault and that he is far from the fountain of all truths.
Maybe it’s part of the manic aspect of his bipolarity, the need to lecture and the need to feel superior and all knowing.
Also like Hatty,although I acknowledge that poor parenting is not conducive to good mental heath, I find his fixation on seeing parents generally as a primary source for their children’s problems out of touch and revisionist. It smacks of the “refrigerator mother” thinking of the 50s.

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So what you are saying Patrick is that notmoses is beyond reproach and that those who disagree with how he presents on the forum should know their place and keep quiet?

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Uh…well…in so many words you just said that he had narcissism and said his education is largely outdated (psychoanalytic/psychodynamic). But yeah I did point out to him that the average scz’ IQ is below average and that he speaks on the 18th grade level to people who probably never went to that grade level- I pointed that out in a thread he posted and received three likes.

I’ve seen power trips in too many psychologists.

I’m gonna stay out of this before I see an argument break out. I just answered questions. With a little assertion that a fair number of psychologists are in the profession because they want power.

Some just want to help people after learning how to help themselves.

That is all.

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I won’t say anything regarding the subject… Except that once I’ve sent him Freud’s your mom comics and he didn’t find it funny :relaxed:


No. I didn’t say that. You did.

I think on some level you are competing with notmoses with your platform. And this so-called competition bothers you to the point of starting a thread about it.

There’s enough room on this forum for both of your opinions.