Question for guys

my penis is only 4.7 inch
with fats above if removed it will be 6 inch may be
should i make lipo suction to this part
or this size 4.7 is cool to marry with
for it is width it is cool no problem with that
thank you

this size is erection size

A woman’s love for you will have nothing to do with the size of your penis


but size should give minimum satisfaction to partner at least
minimum satisfaction at least

Is penis size the new trend on I guess coughing, the CIA, and talking dogs ran it’s course.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

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excuse me
i cant understand what you r saying
sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Lol this is funny to me… But you’re saying its 6 then? Cuz just cuz there’s fat over it doesnt mean its smaller. Thrust hard and you got the full six inches. Lol


it is so funny from you

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@saynow Why are you worried? Are you able to have a date while having schizophrenia and negative symptoms?
I can’t, so I don’t care. I can’t even see my penis because of my belly. I can’t have sex because of schizophrenia so I don’t care even if my penis was cut. I would trade my penis for loosing schizophrenia lmao

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really sorry for you
you made me sad for you
by your words :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


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