Question for anyone who escaped a bad life

How did you do it? So many of the patients at the hospital I work at and other psych hospitals around the country just come from absolutely abysmal lives that are not conducive to recovery at all so they end up right back in the hospital after leaving. We literally have people come back the same day they left. I am just wondering how to break that cycle. You can do the best you can to teach people to cope with their symptoms and take meds and whatnot but that only goes so far if you live in a high stress, unsafe, unloving and unsupportive environment.


I one day decided I had enough and wanted a change. So I packed up my car and drove off.


I’m glad I have my Mom, brother and sister to support me. I see my mum regularly throughout the week. Family support is so helpful.


Having a supportive family helps me a lot.
I would be in the streets without my parents.


Even in domestic violence shelters they don’t teach you how to avoid abusive relationships. At least they didn’t when I was in one 20+ years ago. I don’t know really

هل انت بخير اليوم

est-ce que tu vas bien aujourd’hui

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Oui, je vais bien et toi?

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Bien. Bien.

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Stopped doing drugs. Stopped going places where there’s drug use. I won’t hang around anyone who does drugs or drinks. I’m just speaking for myself, since you asked. Looking back, I see that I blamed so much on other people and my environment. But ultimately it was me who chose to pick up that crack pipe. No one was holding a gun to my head and forcing me to buy crack. No one forced me to empty my bank account the day after I got my paycheck and spend it all on crack. It was my choice.

I know people get stuck in bad situations they have no control over and it seems impossible to get out.

But two points I want to make is that I got clean while living in one of the most notorious neighborhoods in my city. It was well known for being infested with drugs. Especially known for having lots of drug dealers. I lived there 5 years, I walked down the street in that neighborhood almost literally every day. And I did that literally the first 5 years of my recovery. I was living in a board & care at the time.
I saw my fellow residents going to houses that were known to be drug infested. I saw them drinking and stealing. Looking back, and living with some of them for years, I can honestly see that almost anyone of them had the capacity to change their lives.

I mean we lived in the same house, in the same neighborhood. We all faced the same environment. I had the same temptations they did. But they made the choice to live their lifestyle. So they got mugged and shot and taken advantage of and used while I took a bus downtown six nights a week to AA, CA or NA meetings. Sure, they were seen as the cool ones, they admired each other and I was the outsider. But those were my most productive years and I made friends in the program and found other friends. I’m not coming down on anyone’s lifestyle, per se. But even though we have mental illnesses, we still have choices. And in the rooms of AA, CA and NA I met a thousand people who were stuck in seemingly hopeless situations. They were stuck in seemingly hopeless, abysmal, situations. But they made the choice to do something about it. IDK how this became a drug lecture but drugs to seem to be a common denominator in many peoples bad situations.


Chapter 5 of How It Works in the book Alcoholics Anonymous says:

“There are those too who suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders, but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest.”

It inspired me to be as honest as I could and to fight for recovery. That was a quarter century ago and I’m living a pleasant and productive life now. I give props to AA for giving me the tools to recover from damn near anything.


It took a year of court ordered counselling when I was 17 to get clean and start living a life free of drugs and all the bad people I was hanging out with

Then I got psychosis and later it turned to SZ.

It was unexpected. I never thought things would turn out like this.

I try hard as I can to live a good life, which I hope I do ok with, but some things are pretty testing of my goodwill to others still

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What does CA and NA stand for?

Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous.

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