Question: are mentally ill people allowed to trade stocks

I’m new here and would like to know if I’m allowed to trade stocks on the market.
I can’t find any information on Google about this topic.

When I was hospitalised I remember the doctor ask me if I do trade stocks for a living but I’m not sure if I was hallucinating this.



I think highfunctional szphrenic can do stocking…

Btw i am low functioning…!!!

Where r u from buddy and how old are u…

Btw i am from Nepal and i am 31 yrs old szphrenic…!!!

As long as you’ve got the money, and you’re allowed to administer it, I don’t see why not.


I’m from the UK and I’m schizophrenic


Mentally ill people are allowed to trade stocks. The FTSE has a lot of good stocks as well as the CAC 40 & DAX. All you need is a trading accounting and the funds to purchase stocks, you should be fine.

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