Question about weight gain from meds


All I have observed is nothing but weight gain on psych meds --no matter which ones my son takes. He has gained over 150 pounds! I don’t know if he likes eating or smoking more. Any help?


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Oh, I wound up eating more. Combination of increased appetite and increased lethargy.

In that case of Zyprexa, it was sudden. I mean we’re talking 5 lbs per week and friggin’ stretch marks appearing everywhere on your body type sudden. Friggin’ devil drug, everyone involved with creating it should be flogged daily and imprisoned for life.



I was down to 75 kilos when I had my first psychosis. And after gettin hospitalized and receiving Zyprexa I gained weight to around 98-99 kilos. That was in 2013.
I’ve been strugling to come down again. At 88,5 kilos atm.
On Invega, Mirtazapin, Wellbutrin now


May I ask you how many mg of geodon you were taking?


Have you ever checked to see how many calories someone with your profile should be eating? I’m hoping it’s just maybe eating too many calories for you!

Not that I don’t think you have things under control.


Maybe he’ll love getting in to an extracurricular activity… I’ve heard of people getting great bodies through jiu jitsu classes and boxing.


Do you still take the drug?


I’ve tried mirtazipin and Wellbutrin, mirtazaprin knocked me out lol.

But I’m curious, is weight from medication harder to lose than “normal” weight gain?


For me, it was kinda both. At first, I just somehow gained a few pounds. Then I started getting hungrier and so it’s really hard to limit my food intake. I try to exercise at least 3 days per week, which has helped tremendously in keeping my weight under control.


I need the Mirtazapin for sleep.
All the weight/fat I gained after receiving meds is focused around the gut and chest. Seems like it is harder to lose that fat.
Before I got sick I lost 40 kilos of weight starting at 115 kilos. But at that time the weight was spread at legs and arms aswell.


No worries, I was taking WAY more than you - 160 mg a day, split into two 80 mg doses. Geodon is supposed to be weight neutral but it wasn’t for me. On only 20 mg once per day you shouldn’t have any problems.


I second @MrSquirrel

It took me two years after diagnosis to have the capacity to realise what was going on. That’s how I found this forum as I wanted answers. I of course knew I had been Dx’d and was taking the pills, but I lacked insight for that two years.

As I am sure you can understand, I was pretty angry I was put on Olanzapine when I found out that it was the side effects that had made me fat/zombified. Being left on 20mg for all that time with no follow up at all was what pissed me off the most.

It was so hard to lose that weight. It’s now been 3 years since that drug and I have only managed to lose half the weight I put on. I have mainly done this through eating habits so it has taken longer. I don’t really have the motivation any more to exercise, I just watch what I eat and refuse to go on drugs like that again.


I gained like 70 pounds from my med. The thing is my eating habit did not change if anything i use to eat more before i developed sz and did not gain weight (weed munchies) but i dont know if it were gradual but definately i was noticing it was happening pretty fast. I quit my only form of exercise because of the med took away my ability to enjoy it so it also contribute to my weight gain. Now i just go to the gym and eat one small meal a day and drink lots of water. I lost 10 pounds in a week but gained back 2 in like no time. Its definately the AP for me since i never had to burn over 900 calories everyday just to watch the scale go back and fourth. I use to be 160-165 2 years ago now im 222-228


I keep track of my calories with myfitnesspal com. Sorry lol.


That confuses me lol. I guess it makes sense with others have said about slower metabolism and whatnot. What do I know

Anyway thanks for your post


I gained 55 Kg, now I am at 132 Kg. First I gained from 82 Kg to 93 Kg, then I gained from 93 Kg to 114 Kg after that I gained from 114 Kg to 137 Kg. Now I lost 5 Kg. So I am at 132 Kg right now. It happend gradual. I was some months on that weight and then I got heavier and so on. This cycle repeated.

I started to eat more and more. But while in Hospital I just ate most of the time once a day and dropped from 137 Kg to 114 Kg. Back at home I put on all the weight back. Now I managed to stay at 131 or 132 Kg. But what I eat is not so healthy at all. And I dislike eating less or healthy. I already have thrown away food because it was healthy and I needed to prepare it. So I do not want to throw food out again and stay on that fast stuff, bread and cold cuts with cheese.


I gained 20 pounds on Zyprexa and I didn’t feel like I was eating significantly more at all, I believe I would have continued to gain had I not stopped the Zyprexa.


@ninjastar I’m going to get my results from an egd, bloodwork, and cts. I’ve had nausea and vomiting for the last 2 months, and I’m on risperidone. Could you explain exactly how you reacted to it? Thanks, hon!


I went from 95kg to 135kg now im about 113kg yes i ate more it wasnt right in the head to eat so much