Question about weed and mental illness

I’ve been smoking weed off and on since January 5th. Giving up today, right now matter of fact. How long will it take to feel better then what I am right now? I quit weed last night.

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Could be weeks or months depending on what the weed does to your paranoia. It used to put me right into an episode and I would have to be hospitalized.


Don’t feel paranoid at all

In the long run, it’s good that you quit. Weed is expensive, still illegal in most places, makes you hang around in the wrong places with the wrong people and the effects it has on many schizophrenics is seriously, seriously negative.


Me too I think weed is what caused me too develop symptoms.

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Yea I think the fact that I smoked morning till night for most of my teenage years gave me this illness.
Sometimes I feel like I just never came down in my mind

I think weed may have triggered it in me as well. But I was already genetically predisposed to have schizophrenia. But hey now that I have it I still smoke weed…doesn’t seem to effect my schizophrenia. And I guess I vape it, I don’t smoke it, so it’s a little healthier.

Also as as disclaimer is fully legal and recreationall where I live.

To answer your question, depending on your metabolism, weed stays in your system for 2-4 weeKS max.

I craved for about a year after I quit… the only way I made it was by reminding myself of the worst times when I was high, even a flicker of a good time I was like nope, remember how strong and controlling the voices got… than I relapsed a few times cause I’d tell myself it couldn’t have been that bad since I used to do it every day… and Ya it was that bad, so remember the worse is my advice

I was predisposed to having schizophrenia as well…weed just made it that much worse. Every hospitalization i’ve ever had was due to me getting high. There was a few other times I got lucky and didn’t get hospitalized but it left me in bad shape. The main thing I learned is some people can handle it and some people can’t.

I am still offered it once in a while but I stopped buying it… @77nick77 is right about all the bad people you come in contact with.

Yeah i’ve met some ■■■■■■ up people because of it too. Then they automatically become voices in my head saying “i’m coming for you”.

I just feel high for about a half an hour. Only way paranoia kicks in is I leave my apartment when I’m high

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Aren’t you worried that you will smoke some weed and something will come up that you have no choice but to leave your apartment?

I leave my apartment I do alright

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Weed is legal in Seattle but I don’t smoke it. I did as a teen and, thank God, I just never got hooked. I am 48 and I have smoked it less than 5 times since I was 17. I haven’t smoked it at all in 7 years or so. I actually had someone recommend it for my psychotic illness. I was like ya…er…NO

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it triggers it…

Cbd can be great for psychosis! But if you have bad experiences with it then I’d say no as well!