Question about risperdal - help so much appreciated

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I am aware tonight is a New Year but I live in Europe and here we are just after the midnight even 1 am is coming up however I am here because I was taking risperdal for I believe 3 or more years now and I feel it totally ruined my life, I cant anymore have erection since that time or even act sexually I feel so bad that I lost all my hope , I read this medication can be trully devastating and I hope there is anyone who would like to help me with any information what I can do with it, I also suffer terrible problems with my sexual sphere and it was never really good , could you please tell me if that medicine is really so bad that it could have destroyed my life and sexual stimulation ?

Best wishes to everyone I hope for any reply

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Change med. I would argue to the doctor that sex is an integral and base need and if that is disfigured then life isn’t worth it. i would say sex is a base Maslow need and life without it isn’t worth living thus a change in med.

I would also suggest that the doctor enquire about pharmacogenomic testing, to see what med is sutiable to your dna and go from there. Private tests can be done for about £200 and they will determine which med is most suitable for you.


I’ve been on Risperdal and Risperdal Consta for years and years. Decades even. And I have no sex drive or orgasmic ability at all today. And I am completely celibate and asexual now. I’ve just gotten used to it and have resigned myself to it.

Another thing is that Risperdal Consta has adversely affected my creativity. I used to be able to play the piano beautifully. Now, I struggle and struggle with it on Risperdal Consta. I didn’t have this problem on plain Risperdal.

I wouldn’t say that Risperdal has “ruined” my life. In many ways it has saved it. It has eliminated my paranoia, hallucinations and mood swings. And for that, I am very grateful. But, at what cost! But I have to weigh the good and the bad. And the good comes out weighing more.

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I had similar problems on risperidone my Dr prescribed Viagra and it was a life saver for me and my wife. As I stabilized I lowered my dosage of risperidone and side effects lessened. Ended up getting by without the Viagra after a while. But would recommend it. But if you are able to lessen your dosage it may help. However if you are unstable
Sex drive is one of the first things to go and it may just take time on your meds to stabilize.


I am on risperidone too and I have erectile dysfunction. the only and serious side effect of the drug to me.

I would ask to try different meds.

Hey I’m in america and I’m interested in this testing. I’m on a similar med, Invega. Actually I just went off it two months ago and it’s like a poison, even ruined my bones and I’m 26 only was on it for a year. I don’t wanna gain anymore weight which I’ve been practically killing my self to lose. What exactly does this test do, how does it work, and does it match meds by which receptors each meds target or something? It seems like it’d be worth it

It depends on the company involved. Some tests are more indepth than others. I am in the UK and have sent off my saliva test to 23andme last week and when i get the raw data from them, I can contact a company that will give me an pharmacolgical profile of each of the aps. I haven’t chosen which one yet.

The following link has a list of health testing dna wise and you can read their reviews for the lowdown of the testing comapny and what results they give there by clicking on the review. The companies are from all over the place. Contacting them will tell you what they test for specifically, so if you tell them that you need ap pharmacogenomic testing, I’m sure they will advise.

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I take risperdal since i was 12 years old. I had some problems too thats why my doctor decided that i should take risperdal only one time at night. Since that time, i have no problems

I am on 2 mg of risperidone and I feel emotionally numbed, 0 sex drive or interest. I feel like I might have always been this way though. I am concerned and want to talk to my psychiatrist about weaning of prozac and taking 1 mg of risperidone. I also don’t think I need the propanolol he is giving me for my anxiety. I am concerned that I have to take risperidone for the rest of my life because of a year and a half to two year episode of psychosis. I am not sure if I need to and I want to do the right thing.

@nicole_alexandra, @kinaszek, It’s both the Prozac and the Risperdal that are messing with your sex drive and sex interest. Talk with your pdoc about all of this. They both could be causing your emotional numbness too. But if you are normally in a depressed mood, emotional numbness could be what the pdoc was aiming for. The pdoc figures numbness is better than suicide.

I also am on Risperdal and an SSRI anti depressant. And I’m also sexually and emotionally numb. But that’s way better than being severely depressed and hell bent on suicide 24/7.

Be careful as Propranolol can mess around with your heart.

@kinaszek, I have often heard people say that Risperdal has “ruined [their] life”. This has not been the case for me as it has made my life infinitely better and it has completely removed my paranoia and mood swings. Although it has almost completely obliterated my horniness it has not taken away my sexual ability completely.

I take the Risperdal shots and these are so much easier on the body than the oral form. (On the oral form, I had zero sexual ability and intractable constipation.) Not so with the shots. I have been on the shots for ten years now.