Question about profile summary

My summary of activity has been stuck at “joined 3 days” for two days, and when I expand the profile tab (on my mobile), it still says “joined 1 day.” Why are they different? Also, I think today is day 5 since I joined. I’m confused.

I also wondered what makes a member a full member. I searched topics to that effect, but didn’t find a straight answer. I’m not in a hurry or anything, just strikes me as curious.

Does anyone have answers? Maybe I’m computer challenged and am just inept at finding out with my weak search-fu? Would appreciate help. Thanks. :slight_smile:


You’ll soon become designated an official crackpot like the rest of us, and gain the full privileges this site has to offer. :wink:

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…and your Tarot reading was awesome! :slight_smile:

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I think it takes a couple of weeks to be a full member, but I’m not sure.

You can certainly ask a mod.

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