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I have pcos. I was ln birth control for a year, and it switched my 5 week cycle to a 4 week cycle. I’ve been off for half a year, and every month, my period has been increasinly late like my body was trying to regain the 5 week cycle.
In the beginning of the month, I felt a sharp pain lile another cyst burst, and now my ‘moontime’ is three weeks late. I keep seeing signs it’s about to arrive, only for the signs to dissipate after a few days.

Is this just the pcos messing with me? Wonky hormones and ovulation failure and all that?

I dont know much about pcos, but i do have all sorts of period trouble.

My period has been late because of medication changes, stress (also stressing about whether it will come yes or no), pregnancy (obviously) and no apparent reason at all. I can imagine your body needs time to get back to “normal” after the pill. But three weeks is a lot.

I dont know how GP’s work there, but here you can easily ask the assistent a question by telephone. If needed they refer you to the doctor. Perhaps you could call them and ask?

Your period could be wonky because of high prolactin level from your asenapine antipsychotic,get it checked maybe


That happens to me all the time. I don’t have pcos, but I do have a very irregular period and occasional cysts. If you haven’t been doing things that could get you pregnant, it’s probably not a worry. I believe my doctor told me if I ever go more than 3 months between periods, I should call so she can write me a 7 day BC supply to induce a period. Something about the uterine lining getting unhealthy if it builds up for that long, if I remember. But 8 weeks isn’t really a danger yet according to her.

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Your cycle could definitely be trying to reset. I’ve had that happen after stopping birth control. But, mine was usually like clockwork unless I messed with it hormonally.

Now, I’ve have 3 periods in a row all messed up. 3 months ago I was 10 days early. Next month 5 days early. This month 8 days late. Pretty sure I’m in perimenopause because I have other symptoms.

Also, I have cysts but they didnt seem to interfere with the time cycle.

I think your best bet would be to talk to your ob/gyn

If you’re sure you’re not pregnant, it’s probably just your body trying to get back to normal.

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Well, auntie red finally came for a visit. Except it’s brown for some reason?

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What does brown period blood mean?

Brown discharge of all shades is typically a sign of old blood. The blood has had time to oxidize, which is why it’s changed hues from the standard red.

Brown blood is associated with:

The beginning or end of your period

When your flow is slow, the blood may take longer to exit your body. When blood stays in the uterus longer, it may become brown in color. The blood may also be left over from your last period.

Source: google search

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I’m 44. I think you’re younger than me. My periods only last 2-3 days. I don’t know if it’s my meds or that I’m close to menopause. It’s been this way for years.

I’m 30. Mine are either light and short or heavy and long

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I have pcos, I developed it out of the blue at 32-33 years. Im now 38. It’s made my periods painful, that I never had before, painful throughout cycle, hot burning pains at period time and just incapacitated at times.I don’t bleed much and for 3-4 days max. The modi body period undies would suit my flow well.
I’m on birth control to regulate the pain and symptoms Also my ivf doctor put me on to regulate and control my cycle to start treatments ahhh but having a baby on my own may just be a pipe dream. I have chronic fatigue as it is.

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