Question about my coping strategies when delusional

Normally when delusional people react badly and argue when being called delusional, is it normal that I take a different approach? When I get called delusional 3 times in a month by an argument, I talk to my psychiatrist to see what is going on.

I do the same thing as you @Oren_Franz

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I have an established support network I can lean on and discuss things with if I need reality checking. I am comfortable accepting blunt answers about whether I’m delusional or not at this point. In fact, I prefer the bluntness. Saves time when people aren’t worried about offending me.


I keep away from deeply truthful statements when talking to professionals, and as a qualified strategist, I discuss my delusions with the cause of them. I can accurately state that my delusions all stem from statements made by me AVH/VH (voices), because all other occurrences in my life can be adequately verified quite simply and quickly, to identify whether they have some meaning outside what any other person without a diagnosis might conclude.

Do you ever have to consider whether some aspect of your life is likely to lead to delusional thinking or thoughts, that is not the result of hearing voices? I really would like to know. Great post by the way.

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I don’t hear voices and have had delusions. They’re not always related.