Question about Medication and Caplyta

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the forum and wanted to ask a question.

I’m on Clozapine 25mg, three times daily.
Clozapine 100mg, three tablets at night
Cogentin 2mg, twice daily
Levodopa 25/100mg, three times daily

They have diagnosed me schizoaffective, with Parkinsonism because of the effect the anti-psychotics have on me, for ten years now.

The clozapine is helping me sleep but not helping with the voices.

Is anyone here, formerly on clozapine, that switched to Caplyta and had a good result?

Thank you everyone for your time.
Have a wonderful day.

Hello, welcome to the forums.

The truth is when it comes to meds it is pretty much trial and error. What works on one person has no effect on another. You’ll find people on this forum that have success with, for example, haldol, while others had a really bad experience with it.

The truth is the only way you will know if a medication will work, or not work, with you is to try it.

I’ve tried numerous medications. Some effective, some not effective, some with bad side effects, some with no side effects. When I read up on them I heard all kinds of experiences, good and bad, with all of them.

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Yes it’s trial and error.
Switching to a new med is always risky.


Thank you Headspark and Wave.

I get a little worried considering the side effects I’ve had on anti-psychotics to trial and error it.

As soon as you have found
An meds that covers your symptoms
With a set of side effect that you
Can live with. Then the art is to take theme.