Question about living situation

It’s very possible to make friends in group homes.

So you are saying that most group homes make you work. Because you said “this was a unique place”

I’m the same boat with that with the socialising thing. And that scares me.

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I kinda like the sound of that, forcing you to sink or swim like any good parent. I think I’d fail miserably though.

Tell me more about this, I want to live on my own again and I remember u posting something about this, I just want to know what I can swing

The home that is unique was the only home that required a daytime activity. It didn’t have to be a job, it could be school, a volunteer job, or a vocational program. The rest of the places I was in encouraged daytime activities but a daytime activity was not mandatory. Some homes have activities or meetings or have everyone eat together or have the counselors take walks with you.
There is usually some kind of structure at these homes because the people who run them do not want to see the mentally ill clients just sitting around smoking and drinking coke all day which is not good for anyone. They are not required to help the clients but most owners try to help them anyway because the clients are living breathing people who need to do something and not just drop completely out of society or waste away.

This almost makes me think that I should force myself to be out of the house during certain times of the day. If they can do it, can’t I? But it’s so hard. How do they manage? Does anyone else on the boards get out of their house? I struggle to leave my bedroom some days… But I really want to be active and productive.

I also am afraid of my parents passing. I wouldn’t know where to go if that ever happens to me. Once I herd the doctor say long term hospitalization but who really would want to be locked up in a hospital all their life.

Many people here get out of the house.on a regular basis. I get out almost every day but there were times when I stayed home for whole weeks. For me, it goes in stages. Some long periods of time I got out more than others. Depends on the situation and what’s going on in my life.

The support system for the mentally ill in the USA is cumbersome. Is the USA the country you want to inquire about?

I used to cut the lawn for a nurse who in return gave me haircuts all year long.


yes I live in the USA

My parents and their generation are dead in my family, but I have siblings looking out for me.

Of course, each state is different. I did have State Housing here before I had Federal Housing.

When I wanted to live on my own, I applied for Public Housing. Eventually I had to go to an Organization for the Rights of the Disabled to get on the waiting lists. After a time, I came up for Section 8 Housing.

Did you get Food Stamps yet?

When my parents were dying, they broke up a bunch of houses. One of the things I took was a file drawer. The support system in this country revolves on paperwork!

I made friends with a business man who allows me to use his Xerox. He gave me a set of keys to his office so I can go in at night. Actually, my cat made friends with the business man. I used to live in the industrial park, and the business right below me fell in love with my cat.

Because I’m disabled a bank in town gave me a free interest bearing checking account with a secured line of credit. One has to ask for those advantages.

Hey, the girl friend likes Dunkin Donuts. The one we frequent gives a Senior Discount of 10% to anyone who asks for it and is also remotely over 50 years of age.


Yea I live in the us. I just wanna know of stuff like utilities and monthly expenses that I could maybe cut down if possible

I believe the proper person to work with is a social worker.


This is a good thing to talk about. My son was dead set against living in a group home. And he died to prove how against it he was. It’s good that you are open to the idea.

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