Question about life in England (for any British members)


Here in America we have enough violent crime to have a cable channel that 24/7 shows documentaries about real life violent crimes that have happened...does England have enough violent crime to have a television channel that just shows documentaries about real life violent crimes that have happened?:)

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Certainly here in the Netherlands we don’t… There has been a crime wave of killings in the Amsterdam underworld which has led to 24 murders with guns in about two and a half years, and that’s considered a lot. From what I know of American violent crime rates it would be a drop in the ocean over there.

“Drop in the bucket”, lol.
Yeah, I believe we have more gun deaths in our country per year then the next 5 countries combined.


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Makes me think of this article I read. It stated that in march 2015 alone, the US police shot more people than the British police have done since records are being kept, i.e. since 1900. Not just a few more, in a single month twice as much as the British police had done in over a century.


I don’t know of a channel for that sole purpose no.

I thought British police don’t carry firearms.

ID (Investigation Discovery.)

One of the few things I don’t like about America is the American sense of entitlement and the American willingness to use violence.

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I heard someone say that America was started from England’s criminals and lower class people…don’t know if he was right but if he was it would add up, American culture being as criminal and lower class as it is.

I take it that’s a no there is not that much crime in England, that being good to hear as I love the entertainment of English entertainers like the fab five lol:

“Crime and Investigation”

“Alibi” is more dramas.

There are also real life crime docs on other channels all the time.

I do not watch either channel or such programming.

Wow. Are those crime docs about crimes in England?:slight_smile:

Yeah, I hate to say it, but yeah, it seems most young peoples goal is to be thugs or punks. It seems most people in their twenties or late teens here like to embrace a seedy life of drugs, bars, violence and getting over on other people. It’s like a rite of passage to run the streets, go to jail, and hang out with a bad crowd and cause trouble. In case anyone thinks I’m way off base here’s a statistic I once read. 60% of Americans are either presently incarcerated, or they were incarcerated at some point in their life, or are on probation.

Usually British or Irish.

However like I said, I do not watch it.

Growing up I experienced lots of violence on the streets. The only difference is people don’t have easy access to guns, so they just beat you to within an inch of your life. I lost count of how many times I got attacked when I was a teenager, however I sort of deserved it for hanging around with all the wrong people.

We have crime shows, but I am sure a 24/7 channel in England or anyone else would have a ■■■■ load of repeats. It’s mostly about the trouble caused by people getting too drunk at weekends.

Here’s bill hicks making jokes about it

The place with the lowest crime rate in Europe in Vienna in Austria.