Question about food stamps extra relief

last month we received extra covid relief food stamps but my wifes’ two sisters in Iowa didn’t…? are these funds ending for everyone?

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I would expect COVID relief of all sorts to end soon.

You should budget accordingly.


Some states are still getting them. O dont think mone will this month.

I googled it and found that they ended the 15th of last month in your state.

But I didn’t read too much.

I get a HUGE amount of Snap benefits. A massive $20 a month. I know you all are jealous.


I wish food was never an issue for people. It should be like health care. Cheap or free.


Inflation will make things harder for us. I hope these spikes in prices are temporary. Much of the inflation is coming from bottlenecks in supply because of the Covid crisis. I hope we can get those bottlenecks straightened out.

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I am ready…I am mowing my own lawn and postponing buying art supplies until we have food money. I have enough this month but it won’t be eating very good food…don’t bother telling me about food banks…the churches and food banks in this small town don’t give squat.

My daughter moved home. Fridge was instantly 2/3 empty. Amazing how that goes.

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wow…sorry man…I thought she was in college?

Just finished third year of university. She’s home for the summer break. It’s just noticeable how she can more than double the grocery bill.

Prices will not go down. Once companies find they can charge a higher price, it sticks.

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Arizona tea in a tall can is 99 cents right now. It was the same price 15 years ago. Just goes to show it can be done.

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