Question about Dating

So i’ve had some interest from women that i think are way over my league and i dont want to chat with them, maybe i am being stupid but these women dont want kids and i dont know if i want that.

I wish at least one of them was serious and wanted kids or even open to it. maybe i’m just being stupid, seems that a lot of these women just want a bit of fun, and i am not the best in the bedroom either :frowning:

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I’m actually scared of them, was reading about the purification of the heart and it says never be derogatory, but you can’t please everyone, you kind of have to go with the flow, I know where I’ve been and she’s disappeared from my life, I know who I’m seeing now and she’s helping me to live, the fun loving criminals don’t do any of that for losers like me :frowning:

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Not wanting kids would be a deal breaker for me too.

I kinda think though that maybe I shouldn’t reproduce in case I pass on my health issues.

That said I think I could raise a person to be decent.

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What starts with just fun and nothing serious, can end quite the opposite way. i wouldn’t hesitate. Or perhaps i would:

Right now im chatting with a girl far to young, but very pretty. She started the conversation. Now im hesitating. I really need companionship, sex, romance, but i prefer to do it with a more equal person.

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there was a very good looking woman, thin and in her underwear and i thought she would never go with a guy like me, it said 39 but she looked in her 20s

Dude a lot of these sound like fake profiles.


Yes, a false profile i guess, i have been contacted several times, nearly daily with these girls. It might be a man behind trying to get your money, try ask her a complicated question and if you get a good, deep answer she might be a real woman who just have lost her pants :wink:

Maybe just treat it a bit more light hearted? Im pretty sure your gonna scare off any woman at the mention of kids, so early in a possible relationship.

Just take it as it comes. If it dont work out - so what.
Dating is supposed to be fun - not something to stress over.


Talking about having kids before a first date should scare off any woman You need to slow your roll.

Go for it I say. Fake profiles get deleted pretty quickly these days. Just expect a few every day though.

the women say they don’t want kids though its not fair

its scary, i dont think i’d live up to their standards, i keep thinking a lot of them just want some fun and you know what that means

I don’t think people really consider having children until they meet the right person. Except for the women on Maury.

We all know how babies are made. If you find a woman who will sleep with you having children is always a possibility. Even with protection.

That’s the first step.

I think the women saying they don’t want kids maybe fake profiles intended to scam you. They say they don’t want kids thinking that this will attract guys just looking for fun.

It’s a big scam


I reckon if you are getting girls that are just up for fun, then it might be too good to be true. It is probably just one of those scammers. I don’t know why you are not listening to what everyone is saying.


I think these are fake profiles.

@anon94176359 is right.


Women are allowed to not want children, if these are indeed real profiles.

Especially at your age.

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its hard to tell who is a scammer and who is genuine, some are more believable than others. its the whole kids vs no kids thing that is getting to me :frowning:

Like how do you know if i’m getting scammed? i dont even know lol its such a tricky business :frowning:

I think you’re having unrealistic expectations and also being fairly sexist.

Women are allowed to not have children, or not want more children.

I also think that you’re on these sites expecting some gorgeous, fertile, 20 something to just fall into your lap.

Doesn’t work like that, man.

It’s time you accept some realities.

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I sent a message to a woman, it was one of the more believable profiles but she is 43 so i am a bit upset about that, Godddd it is sooo hard :frowning:

idk if i should pay any more, mingle might be a good bet but i already paid quite a lot, idk if i should wait or pay for another site, its about £7.77 a month for 3 mths but there is 6 mths as well

Can you afford kids?
Can you afford a son who might live with you up into his forties because
he too comes down with a mental illness or there just are not enough good paying jobs available
forty years from now?

The best anyone in this world can ask for is a companion who appreciates compansionship

Too many people want a partner to be the bread winner, servant, handy man; like they’re shopping for robots.

When you find a girl who just want’s someone she can trust, like family, to cuddle with and have about the house you’re not going to find yourself having to explain why you’re not Superman and the dishes are piling while you play Street Fighter because she, herself, will more or less be the same laid back way and will understand you.

Look at yourself, the world around you and the others in it
Those looking for perfect are a waste of time; don’t waste your time.