Question about celebrities and "influencer" types

My husband and I argue over what to watch a lot of the time.

Even if it’s a good movie/show, I won’t watch it an actor involved is a piece of ■■■■.

Anyone proven to be abusive, predatory, racist, homophobic, any of it,

I’m not giving them views or money.

My husband says their worth, as actors, should be based on their work and doesn’t care what they’ve said or done.

In fairness, I do give kind of a pass to golden age actors,

They were all, all those things.

I guess it was a different time, I don’t know.

Plus they’re dead, so there’s no sense in hating now.


Does this factor into your viewing preferences?

Or am I just not giving these guys a break?


I don’t watch movies with Johnny Depp in it.
There’s something about the guy I can’t stand.
Then I found out that he’s abusive towards women.
Well that was the icing on the cake.

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It’s kinda hard to say. I try not to buy any media from actors or directors who belong to cults, or who are just known to be shitty people.

But sometimes really twisted people can make fascinating art. One of the most well known outsider artist was a child molester.

I think you’re correct though in being forgiving to old actors. It was a different time back then, and we can’t retroactively apply modern values to the past.


That’s such a tough question.

All I can say for myself is… it depends? Mood? Movie/TV show? I guess I do both, avoid and watch/listen.

For example:

I won’t watch anything Roman Polanski, even though Chinatown is brilliant.

But I listen to the Beatles, even though John Lennon was a piece of ■■■■ woman abuser.

In general, artists tend to be messed up sucky people (I am one, so I know! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). It’s no excuse for their behavior.

Edit: Interestingly, the people I absolutely avoid are the vacuous influencers, and people like the Kardashians, who make me rage. They get fame and fortune for doing NOTHING. No skills, no brains, no real contribution to the world, nothing to make it better, or art to move you and make you think. THAT makes me angrier than anything.


I agree about Roman Polanski.

He’s a real talent.

Also, rapist.

I read an OLD interview with Angelica Huston.

It was when she was with Jack Nicholson, dating.

Roman Polanski came to their house with a very, very young girl.

She seemed kind of out of it, drugged, but was still with it enough to beg Angelica for help.

She pushed the girl away and ignored her.

She blamed it on being “a different time”.


Not that long ago Angelica, damn.

I don’t watch her ■■■■ anymore either.

She’s a monster.

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I heard that story, too. I just don’t understand that mentality.

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It’s beyond my realm of thinking.

I also have beef with Christopher Walken.

Great in The Deer Hunter,

But for realz,

He knows what happened to Natalie Wood and needs to say something before Robert Wagner dies.

That man needs to be brought to justice.


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People make mistakes and I’d get pissed off if it was under the microscope with no redemption


I make a distinction between the human and their art.

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It’s true they are under a microscope,

But they make a ■■■■ ton of money.

For all that they could at least cover up their mistakes.

And some of them aren’t even mistakes, it’s years of misconduct.

But I see where you are coming from.

We (the public) is not very forgiving.

There is the old saying “Never meet your heroes” because you are eventually going to learn something about them you don’t like, and then you become very disappointed because you idolized them. I take that into consideration. If somebody has done something extremely repugnant then I wouldn’t watch their move or listen to their music, otherwise I don’t really care.

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Don’t really give a ■■■■ art is art regardless.

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I hear what you’re saying, but rape is not a “mistake.”

I try not to make it tarnish my view of the media they’re in unless they’re absolutely bonkers, like Tom Cruise or that guy whatshisface who did Passion of The Christ.

There’s allegations everywhere, and when the allegated person is famous, I wonder how much is real.

It’s like in school when a new student arrives. Someone goes “Billy Smith saw her kissing a frog” or “Jane Doe heard from her cousin who has a friend from his old school that he totally took a ■■■■ in the teacher’s shoes”
I never listened to those things and made some good friends by giving the victims of “I heard…” a chance.

If a movie or series is good, and the actor does a good job… why does it matter who accused them of what, as long as it wasn’t proven in court?

Who cares if they’re -ist or -phobic in their free time?

I’ve basically eliminated everything having to do with Michael Jackson. I get embarrassed for any radio station that still chooses to play his music. Same deal with Kevin Spacey, my favorite movie used to be American Beauty but not anymore.

The only downside is a removed Simpsons episode featuring Michael Jackson. It’s otherwise a great episode because Homer gets sent to a mental hospital. It’s referenced several times later in the series. I think the episode should stay up because it doesn’t have enough Michael Jackson in it to override how great an episode it was, but it’s not my decision (Disney + has removed the episode).

I’m also done with Dave Chapelle. Trans progress and black progress are NOT mutually exclusive, and most of his recent jokes basically imply that they are.


I generally don’t boycott stuff for personal controversies, but there are a few that I just can’t stomach watching. Polanski and the director of the Jeepers Creepers series can both sod off. I love the first Jeepers Creepers, but the director is a convicted pedophile. Woody Allen is also a creep.

Also one of the worst is Danny Masterson. I loved That 70’s Show, and he was such a cool character. He’s a douchenozzle.

I’m sort of a hypocrite though, because there are plenty of performers I still watch and listen to even though they have done scummy things.

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