Question about becoming a USA citizen

If you’re a citizen of Syria and you want to be a US citizen would you have to give up your Syrian citizenship? My pdoc told me yesterday that he’s planning on eventually becoming a US citizen but I’m sure he loves his home country.

" The U.S. government does not require naturalized U.S. citizens to relinquish citizenship in their country of origin. Although the Oath of Allegiance to the United States speaks of renouncing “allegiance and fidelity” to other nations, U.S. immigration law does not explicitly address the topic of dual citizenship ."

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Syrians can have dual citizenship, so he can be a citizen of Syria and the U.S.

However, with a few exceptions, Syrians cannot currently enter the U.S.

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Thank you @Bowens as well. Say if I moved to Spain I would want to keep my US citizenship cos this is my home

My cousin is married to an American and lives in Michigan.

I was told he had to give up his citizenship of Britain if he chose to be American.

Not sure why though

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Wow. Why would you have to do such a thing? I met in college a girl who was adopted. She had dual US/German citizenship

Not sure on the details as I have barely spoken to him since he moved there. My aunt told me that’s what happened.

He doesn’t want to give up his British Passport, so he is not going to be an American citizen

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Well good on him!!! If I were a refugee I might consider renouncing my citizenship but I’m so patriotic I wouldn’t dare otherwise

EDIT: The travel ban on predominately-Muslim countries (such as Syria) was recently lifted, so now a citizen of Syria can enter the U.S.

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I have dual citizenship both in US and Japan. Technically I have to chose one, but still haven’t. I figure if they start giving me fines I would


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