Question about autistic coworkers

I work with 2 autistic guys. They are both very good at their jobs and are very precise. They’re supposed to train me. Anyway, one of them has a specific way everything must be done at a certain time in a certain way every time he works. He gets upset when I’m not doing what in his mind the other person should be doing. But today was only my third day. So I need him to communicate with me and he doesn’t do it. I resorted to asking him what he’d like me to do all night tonight. It seemed ok like that but he still seemed stressed. The other autistic guy just goes off and does stuff again without communicating with me. What’s the best way I can handle this with these guys?


I would day given the circumstances that watching them might be the best option and try to emulate how they complete their work. Ask questions when necessary.

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@firemonkey, what do you suggest?

I’m reluctant to offer any personal advice as I haven’t worked ,and thus know very little about work dynamics.Your question is a good one though.@MrSquirrel works and thus would be a better person from whom to get feedback as to how to handle such a situation.

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Ok. I understand. Thanks @firemonkey

Did they tellyou they are autistic?

Yes. The boss forwarned me that they are autistic and need things done a certain way

autistic cowork help…
autistic talk very little to new people, but love good jokes.
my girls son is autistic.
when he works he hates it… not other around him.
for him routine is good, something new is frustrating and annoying.
talk to your coworker on break and as each of them about there likes and dislikes it will help you.

but dont talk alot. and try to work in their pace as best as you can.

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Ok. That’s what I tried to do overall. But I did keep asking what my coworker last night would like me to do

The first one, I’d ask for him to put what you need to do in writing. Most of us enjoy documenting what we do so that shouldn’t pose a problem. That will help you better meet his requirements. The second fellow who is dodging you likely has communication issues. That being said, if he has been told to train you and isn’t doing so, speak to your mutual boss about it. He either needs to step up or your boss needs to find a workaround if he is excused from it.

Seriously, no. I can’t stand the majority of neurotypical humour.

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That’s a good idea. If I decide to stay, I’ll do that

Maybe I’m totally off on this. I think there should be some accommodations. The problem is that all people do things differently. You need to do it your and your bosses way. If he does something that doesn’t work for you that’s fine. You have a disability and a way that works for you. I’d figure out what works for you and makes your job more pleasant. It seems when your new autistic or not coworkers want you to do it their way. I don’t think it has to be that way.

I don’t know that kinda makes me feel like an inconsiderate prick. Was what I stated inconsiderate?

What do you think about the above @MrSquirrel ?

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The only accommodation I’ve had in 3.5 years at my current employer was that they took half of the lightbulbs out of my office because it was too bright for me and agreed to allow me to keep wearing my sunglasses at work. Other than that I attend meetings, call customers, and have to hit my number targets like everyone else.

My family had to move to a new town last August because my wife got a very good teaching gig elsewhere and my employer went out of their way to give me a rare work-from-home arrangement as they didn’t want to lose me to another brokerage. “Critical to the function of his department,” is how I was described. So I got to work from home and a raise mid-year which I’m told is unheard of. Now I get to work in a t-shirt and sweats with a cat sleeping on my shoulders.

I’m feeling pleasantly accommodated.



Yeah, I don’t know if accommodations are made for them but I know I was told to learn what they want and work that way because they need to do things their way the same way every time they work. But it’s hard to do that without communication. It just ends up being high stress.