Question about a possibility

I have seen psychotic ppl here who after members argued with them for years to help them yet they are still psychotic and delusional. I think you’re new here so you don’t know about that.

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Yep. We do have some. It’s hard watching it. They’re a mix of on meds and off. Some are med resistant, some haven’t found the right combo, and some just don’t want the side effects.

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It’s nice how users here like to ask if someone is on meds as a way to discredit them.

I was diagnosed as schizoid ten years ago after a brief psychotic break. I have not seen a doctor since I began having delusions, with tactile, visual, and auditory hallucinations, near a year ago.

I agree with fractaled. The only thing that is working is using logic. I’m on meds they don’t help.

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Except logic isn’t working with you. You’ve been saying the same thing for a year.

Your current meds are not working if you still have these delusions.

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Logic is lately helping me.

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Yes. It does not sound right.

I feel horrible in the mornings. Nothing can convince me. But after I have my coffee I become more logical and have more control over my symptoms.

It’s a matter of trying to find out how bad what you’re dealing with is. There is a long-time user here who used to be a good friend of mine until he lost his job and benefits and could no longer get the newer, more expensive meds that worked for him. They put him on older style APs, which he now intermittantly goes off of because the side effects are horrible. Poor ■■■■■■■’s cheese slid right off his cracker and into the trash bin. It’s like some nonsense spewing apparition inhabits his body now and it’s painful to watch. Guy was so smart and on the ball.

The long-timers in this community have seen over and over again the difference between people on good meds, bad meds, and no meds. It’s profound.

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I’m a convert to meds, but I do agree that in some cases if a person does have some rational control remaining they can bring their mind back to a functional level. I think I’ve done it a couple times over the years, the last time being around 2010, but I was pretty unstable for a long time without meds. I don’t live in a constant battle with my thoughts anymore, so I consider that a trade for some belly fat and a limp dick.

Part of the reason I feel so “delusional” is because of my boyfriend. He has a company where he supposedly discovers famous people and I suspect he is the devil. If the Pope didn’t say what he said about the devil being a real person, I probably wouldn’t feel this way.

You can’t heal in an environment which makes you sick.

But what about what the Pope said?

Think about the moral dilemma the pope is causing, he’s making delusional people suffer from the remarks he is making. So is the pope’s statement moral? If the pope isn’t a moral authority how can he represent one?

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The pope didn’t name your boyfriend. What he said was a general statement. It wasn’t a message privately given to you, it was publically given. You’re finding significance in something where no real correlation exists. I think if the pope had true knowledge of the existence of Satan as an individual, it would be well within his authority to name him. But he’s just another man with words, and the power to influence people. Which is the reason for his being cryptic in the first place.

What the pope said is beside the point. If your boyfriend is part of your delusions, you know you need to get rid of him.

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Thanks. I’m just worried the devil changes his name since my boyfriend has multiple ids.

The Pope is just a figurehead of one religion. He isn’t any more “in the know” than any other person on the street about any existence of any Satan.

You need to stay away from religion. It’s making you sicker. And get away from that boyfriend if he is telling you he is a fallen angel and has secret ties to anything. People in those types of jobs never reveal it for fear of loose lips getting them killed

The Pope does know more. I would think.

No, he doesn’t. It’s all, smoke and mirrors to make people fall in line. And that’s all I am going to say about that.

Stay away from religion. You aren’t well enough for it.

yeah its your fault for sure youll go to jail. be smart and stop thinking about these things.