Question about a possibility

If you thought there was a possibility you would be used to torture and or kill people, would you still stay alive for this to happen?

There’s a recording of me somewhere in rehab singing Bodak Yellow I know it…

Some things are possible but you’d never see that eventuality in real life. There is a difference to what is possible and what is delusional. You know this @flowers20 and no matter how many people tell you your still looking to confirm those deluisions. I know it’s hard but your doctor really needs to know what you tell us here.


I just want to know what people would do in this situation.

OK, I’ll play by your rules. If I knew I could be used against my will to do evil I’d already know 2 things:

  1. It’s not really my fault. How could it be my fault if an assassin wants to kill someone by throwing him off a cliff while hiking, but I happen to be in the way, so he decides to push me instead knowing I’ll accidentally bring down the intended victim with me?

  2. if these evil people are so powerful as you suggest they’ll use anyone they can get their hands on, if not you somebody else. You’re not important to them. You have zero proof these people exist, and lots of proof that you’d make a very poor candidate. Nothing in this world could ever turn a white American young woman into the dictator of North Korea.

So, in answer to your question, I’d do nothing at all. Just say NO if someone offers you a free Korean language course. :wink:


I’d keep questioning this delusion.

If you’re being used for anything, it’s not your fault. If they didn’t have you to use, they’d just find someone else to use, right? So how can you blame yourself for something which hasn’t happened, and certainly wouldn’t happen through your own effort?

They will do whatever they want, but it seems the only thing they want is to cause you distress. They’re full of sht. The turmoil is their point, they’ll say anything to create it.

But what if it’s because I was made to look like the dictator and that served as authorization to kill and or torture others? Would it then be my fault?


I’d be more worried about why they want you to believe this, than the belief itself.

Why no?


Because you would be made to look like that, and you know it’s all false. You know they’d be setting you up. The responsibility would still fall on them.

When my voices tell me they’re going to frame me, I shrug it off. Fine. Do it.

They never do. Because their objective is not what they say, it’s what they’re doing. Creating turmoil.

It’s much easier when you think of your voices as a construct, and not individual people.

Voices didn’t tell me this. I just thought it was the likely scenario.

Then what, logically, do you have to tell you this is likely? Anything tangible, or does it begin and end in thought?

It’s in thought.

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We’ve explained before that your scenario isn’t possible. It is impossible to make someone look exactly like someone else with current plastic surgery.

A major part of this is bone structure which cannot be changed enough to do it convincingly.

You need to be honest with your pdoc and get a med change or deeply intensive therapy.

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You cant argue with a psychotic person, its why psychotherapy doesnt help sz, she needs working meds but I think she cant go on Clozapine.


I try to see my voices and delusions in a metaphorical way and symbolic way instead of as literal, real specific people really talking to me.

it helps a lot to notice this when coming out of psychosis for me to see it that way.

might be similar to what @fractaled said in this post but not sure, maybe not

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Write it down and share it with my treatment team. Ask for better meds.

You know the source of the problem. As long as you’re honest with yourself, and take responsibility for believing in the delusions, I think you can find ways of coping and taking control of them. Whether it be with meds, therapy, or sheer willpower.

I disagree.

The only reason I became aware of my psychosis was by arguing with myself, and using logic. No meds, doctors, psych wards, or therapy were involved.

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It depends on severity of your symptoms. Whats your diagnosis btw? Are you on meds?