Quality of life

Do you feel you have quality of life?
Good meals, little body pain, some motivation, free time for hobbys, some time for exercise, Family to love and to take care of and someone to take care of you, sufficient Money, a good psychiatrist and psycoterapist, few side-effects… Do you have it all?


I don’t have it all but I have 80%. I shouldn’t really complain but I do complain sometimes. Good post.


Thanks to my family, yes, I have a pretty good quality of life


I have all those things these days. Money is the biggest concern because I hate to ask mom and dad for money. Last month I required $40 I asked from them. Or else I may have been really uncomfortable. I used half on gas and half on food. But I’m very grateful thanks it feels good. @Greenmind

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I wish I had more money so I wouldn’t have to be supported by my parents so much.
And I wish I could afford better foods.
Other than that, I’m content :slight_smile:
I have good friends, a supportive family, relaxing hobbies, and I usually find a reason to get up in the morning.


I’m fortunate enough to have a roof over my head, a loving family, and hot food to eat every day. I’d say my quality of life is pretty good compared to some people with this illness


I disagree, disability, both the money and diagnosis, is far from a gift. I want a normal life. Disability benefits, if anything, remove the instinct of survival, thus I’m being paid to sit in my corner.


I wonder how much we set the passmark low in defining our QOL. How much would the non mentally or physically ill person want to be in our situation?

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The depression sometimes keeps me from seeing just how good I have it, and then I feel worse for taking it for granted. It’s a silly cycle.

I just want to start working, other than that I have a pretty darn good life.

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Hi pieces your pretty funny

I have all of those things, but life is still stressful

Things are good for me now.

I am living with family and I am stable.
I will probably be getting a apartment to live in in the end of the year and will probably not have to pay rent but will still have difficulties affording bills.

My sacred neigh is the best and I think my closest and I don’t know what I’ll do without her if she goes before me as she is old.
I spend most of my money on her and being a vegan.
I would also like more money to move around with but appreciate what I have.
It’s a dream come true to have my sacred neigh who was dying when given to me for free.

I have great food.im a vegan and it’s expensive being a vegan so since I was a meat eater my food bills have changed.
If I spent $50 on food I spend $250 for the same time period just because I’m a vegan.thats a big increase in food bill.its my will to be vegan and I’m happy and proud to be but it’s expensive.

I don’t have a psychiatrist at the moment but will get one soon I hope.

I even started volunteering last week and I do a community course.

I don’t have friends to hang out with though.

I miss and love the friends I had.

I don’t even have a friend to chat with but I have you guyzzz.:slightly_smiling_face:and the forum.

I can’t make friends and keep friends it seems.

I can’t make friends through a hobby because the people I meet seem to think they are superior and are rude trying to boss me about as the push over and make me salute them etc and that does not suit me at all.im not ok with that.i can’t have friends treat me like that or others for that matter.

My own family are even like that😮
So it’s uncomfortable around them even.:cry:

Dinners are the most difficult where your expected to hold conversation.

I think I’m a bit “simple” it seems and I was not born that way as I was very advanced as toddler etc but I became that way from experiences ,pain,schizophrenia and maybe side effects.

I am grateful for what I have I really am.
Wishing us well and good help n support n those things you have mentioned.

I’d say I have it all. Everything except friends that is.

Not all, but enough, nearly all. Im content at the moment. Though that varies, this exact minute i would rate my QOL maybe…7-8 on a scala from 0 (worst) to 10 (best). My rating is rather subjective and is greatly dependent on the fluctuation of my symptoms though, more than on practical circumstances.

My husband has ocd I have this illness …my daughter is at risk for having a mental illness so my quality of life is always at stake because of people around me …

I have no motivation and much body pain. Too many side effects. Cognitive issues.
I have great family, sufficient money and decent mental health team.

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I’m on a pension but live a rich and realized life on little money. I have enough to have fun and I love my life and wouldn’t really change much. So yes. I do have quality life!

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